Are you looking for something different to spice up your party? Do you want to add something unique to the kid’s birthday party? Has the post prom party gone stale due to the same events year after year? Are you looking for something unique to add to your company event? Do you want your guests to remember your party? Are you excited by the thought of people asking you to invite them to your next party?

Well, who does not want to say yes to the above questions?

The truth is that people get bored after playing the same games and doing the same activities party after party. The result is that people do not remember such parties. Therefore, if you want to make your party unique and to stand out in the minds of your guests, you need to do something different, something exhilarating, and something out of the box, literally.

You need to bring a bull to your party!

No, we are not taking about a live bull. We are talking about the popular mechanical bull. A mechanical bull can really spice up your party. It just livens up the atmosphere.

Mechanical bull allows you to bring an element of competition into the party. It also engages guests physically and gives them the “time of their life” moment in your party.

There was a time when mechanical bulls used to be at the centre of brawls in the bars. However, this is no longer the case and mechanical bulls in parties and events have become one of the most enjoyable activities. Your guests will be enjoying your party like no other.

People do not easily forget a bull ride. Also, a bull ride is completely safe these days as the machines are very sophisticated, and they come with trained operators. Here are some additional advantages of adding a mechanical bull ride to your party.

Thoroughly Entertaining

One obvious advantage of having a bull at your party is that your guests won’t have to look anywhere else for entertainment during the party. Usually, host needs to think of some games and arrange the props for the games. However, that is no longer the case when you bring a bull to your party.

The bull riding will become an event itself. People will gather around the bull and wait for their turn. There are many different games that can be played with the mechanical bull ride at an adult party. Usually, people compete among themselves to see who can last longer on the bull at various speed settings.

There is very little difference between mechanical bulls and the real thing. Most of the people who have never ridden a bull are not aware of the difficulty of holding onto a bull for just a few seconds, but the experience is electrifying.

Completely Safe

The bull rides are completely safe provided adequate space, as recommended by the operator, is allotted for keeping the inflatable mats around the bull.

Also, the operators of the mechanical bull are highly trained and they know how to handle the bull and the crowd as well. If you still think that it results in broken noses and bruises, things have changed a lot over the years and manufacturers pay special attention to safety these days.

There may be times when the crowd around the bull asks the operator to out the machine at a higher speed even when it’s not safe. Trained operators know how to handle the crowd and keep everyone safe.

Popularity Magnet

As mentioned above, you need to offer something different other than the usual summer BBQ party to break the monotony. If you ask your friends, most of them would have seen a bull on TV or in a movie, but in reality, they have never ridden a bull. By hiring a mechanical bull, you are offering them the thrill they may not experience anywhere else.

In other words, you are going to get popular and for the next party, you may even have to turn guests away.

Not That Costly

Many people are not aware of the fact that hiring a mechanical bull is not that costly. Over the years, bull riding at events has become popular. Therefore, there are many party rental companies that offer mechanical bulls for rental at decent prices.

Also, when you compare the cost of renting a mechanical bull for your party to the cost of other interactive party games that need a few props, you will find that the former’s cost is not that high.

Fun… Even for You

If you do go for the party games, you will need to spend a lot of time in arranging various props and also in preparing for the games. However, when you hire a mechanical bull for a party, you will be completely free to enjoy your own party.