Throwing parties are challenging at times. You have to cater to your guests’ varied ages and want them all to have fun! Although you could go to a water park, a carnival or an event presented by a nearby company, why not consider a backyard event? You can do it yourself by checking us out at Planet Entertainment. We have water games, carnival rides, a casino for hire or anything you need to make your occasion much more special.

Diverse Party Rentals

Mechanical rides or games are the best rentals for a party. They can be:

  • Bungee trampoline which involves several guests.
  • Mechanical bull for those with inner cowboys.
  • Mechanical snowboard that works even in the warmest weather.

For the more adventurous guests, consider:

  • A stunt jump where they can jump several feet down, landing like stunt doubles on a professional cushion to catch their fall.
  • A rock climbing wall, allowing them to safely scale a cliff’s face, designed for all ages.

Our other party rentals include:

  • Dodgem cars
  • Swinging chairs
  • Even a mechanical surfboard

All of these are available at Planet Entertainment, a company you can trust.

It’s summer and you want to throw a birthday party for both adults and children where they could be involved. Giant slides and water games are an absolute must. You can also choose:

  • Atomic Drop Slide
  • Cars Slide replicating famous Disney movie cars
  • Giant Fun Slide where guests can glide down at high speed

All these are fun in the sun even in the hottest summer.

Casino Party Hire Options

For a more adult party, you may replicate Las Vegas and Reno with our Casino Hire. We provide everything you could imagine if you were to visit a real casino.

At Planet Entertainment, we have several games just like a major casino. When you use our Casino Hire options, the following are possible:

  • Blackjack and poker tables
  • Deluxe jockey wheel
  • Bacharach or roulette

Invite your family and friends to an evening of absolute fun. They will experience Southern Nevada nightlife at your home, similar to what other people do when they go to Las Vegas.

Regardless of your goal for having fun, Planet Entertainment is your one-stop place for everything related to parties. If you want to replicate a casino, our Casino Party Hire option will never disappoint. We can set it up at a facility where you can invite your guests for a good time. You’ll be amazed when you see our actual set up. And once everyone starts to play, you’ll lose yourself in the authenticity our company can provide for a true casino experience.