Why all the fuss about Christmas in July? Planet Entertainment will let you know why!

We’ve all grown up watching films from America and the UK with beautiful depictions of Santa landing on snow capped houses to climb down a chimney and burn his backside on a log fire…whereas in Australia he just gets burnt by the sun as Christmas falls in the height of our hot summer December!

We’ve noticed a rapidly growing trend of corporate clients, bars, restaurants and families celebrating Christmas in July or Winter Wonderland themed events. It makes sense to us because July is usually one of our coldest months and provides a reason to celebrate with friends and colleagues halfway through the year! Whether it’s just a marketing ploy or many of us holding on to overseas heritage of a ‘white Christmas,’ we think it’s a great bit of fun and encourage it!!

To help anyone considering or planning an event with a snow theme we have compiled a list of some of our popular hired entertainment concepts to get your creative juices flowing…get in quick as we always have these items booked out every weekend in July (and often December)!

We don’t have lakes that freeze over in Sydney so it’s no surprise to us that our Synthetic Ice Rink has become one of the most frequently hired items we stock.

Used constantly in shopping centres or hired for corporate functions and school fairs, give everyone the satisfaction of ice skating on our special synthetic polymer surface that doesn’t need refrigeration or any power…set it up next to the beach for a surreal scene of fun! We even have novelty penguins for the kids to skate with and help stabilise them until they are confident.

Our Inflatable Igloo provided shelter from the snow at the Greenwood Hotel in North Sydney and is frequently used as a prop at trade shows or on television…we’ve also had clients use it in their backyard and put a neon light in it for a cool visual experience in the evening!

An inexpensive solution is our Snow Machine which is great for smaller events. Used above entrances or over the dancefloor, the effect of falling snow over the crowd has been used at weddings, Xmas parties, dance studios etc.

If you have a larger space or more people to entertain then the official Snow Storm Machine is what you need! This unit can shoot up to 25m in the air, falls soft and gently like real snow and will dissipate quickly once on the floor so there is no mess or spills!

If you need to cool down your guests or simply have a fun snack, you can’t go past our delicious Snow Cones! With all the flavours of the rainbow available we can suit them to your event and have one of our operators distribute them to your guests, or hire it as a DIY item and go crazy with it!

And finally…how does Santa get around? Bring the laughs and ultimate photo for your guest as they test their skill at staying on our Mechanical Reindeer! All the fun you could imagine while the fake snow is pouring down overhead and your colleagues are cheering you on!

We hope we have given you some inspiration to get your Christmas in July started or to create your very own Winter Wonderland! If you ever need extra information please view our constantly updated website or call us on 02 9888 7750.