It is no easy task trying to decide on a kid’s birthday party theme. While there are lots of characters in the children’s make-believeworld that you can centre a party around, they soon become boring. Every kid within their age range is probably having the same character become the focus of their birthday party. You can step it up a notch and add something interesting to the themed party with giant slides and a fairy floss machine hire or a popcorn machine hire, or hey how about both make sure remember these tips specially when looking a DIY kiddie party.

The fairy floss might not be a boy thing, but they can enjoy working the fairy floss machine hire as well as eating what it produces. If the birthday child is a boy, you can use the fairy floss machine hire as one of the sources for providing some delectable treats, along with the popcorn machine hire.

Fun with the Popcorn Hire

If you want to provide some entertainment and excitement before the party guests arrive then you can let the birthday boy generate a load of popcorn with the popcorn machine hire first. Once you have a good amount of popcorn made, then you and your youngster can turn this already great treat into something, even more, tasty.

You could make some popcorn balls.

How to Make Popcorn Balls

  1. All you need to do is melt a adsf to this.
  2. Cook them on a low heat until the marshmallows are totally melted.
  3. Then take the pot off of the stove and stir in about a teaspoon of vanilla extract along with a half teaspoon of salt.
  4. Now add some candies of your choice to this mixture like some M&Ms. Use candies with a coating on them so they won’t melt.
  5. Now in the other bowl where you have the popcorn, pour the marshmallow mixture over it.
  6. Quickly mix it well, so all the popcorn is mixed in and coated.
  7. Now you and your yo55ungster can make popcorn balls from this.
  8. Put a little oil or butter on your hands, so the mixture doesn’t stick to them.

TIP: You need to work quickly through this entire process once you have melted the marshmallows, so the mixture doesn’t become too hard to work with.

Fun with the Fairy Floss Machine Hire

The boys will love eating the fairy floss just the way it comes out of the machine, but there is so much you can do with fairy floss that it will add an extra special touch to the party.

First, the kids will love to see the fairy floss machine hire go about its spinning of this wonderful treat. Anyone, whether they are a child or adult,will bemesmerized by this. When serving it, you have so many different choices. It can be served in the traditional way on a paper stick. Or if you don’t want the kids to eat it now, then you can bag it and make it part of their party take home treats.

Another great idea is to make fairy floss cones. Instead of filling the cone cups with icecream just fill them with fairy floss. You may want to make a couple of batches with the fairy floss machine hire, and colour one blue and the other pink if it is a mixed party.

A Carnival Themed Party

If you want to have a different themed party, you can make it into a carnival one. The fairy floss machine hire and popcorn machine hire will be the main props that the kids will love to make use of. This can be the focus of your theme, and you can build the rest of the party activities around this. You could set up some simple carnival-type games or jumping castles.

If your kids are into the superheroes or the girly characters, they can dress up in costumes and put on a show for the guests. You could assign each party guest to wear a carnival costume to the party so they can actively participate in all the activities that take place at a real carnival.

Your fairy floss machine hire and popcorn machine hire can serve a lot of purposes at your child’s birthday party. It can become the source of entertainment as well as the treat provider. Make your child’s birthday party extra special with this equipment. Fret not as you don’t have to spend a fortune; you can rent them from Planet Entertainment.