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Agreeably, the most enjoyable years of our lives are those spent as kids. Firstly, there is no responsibility attached to whatever we do as kids. This is because the risks are assumed by our parents, usually our mothers and fathers who are always at hand. Secondly, being kids, we are not expected to act like adults. So, we eat, play and sleep to our hearts’ content. Thirdly, during our childhood years, we do not know the meaning of fear. This is why we cross a busy street as if we own it and expect everyone and everything to make way for us.

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Fearless Kids!

It is this fearlessness that we as parents watch out for with much seriousness, especially when we go out with the kids to the amusement parks to try out the different rides. As kids, we too love to play and we love to go to carnivals and entertainment parks. Our kids love to take the different amusement rides fearlessly. And being fearless, they do not understand the meaning of danger which can come in varying degrees depending on the ride.

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Some Tips for Safety on Rides

For all parents, here are some important reminders about the need for observing safety precautions when kids board any one of the colourful rides in town:

  1. Provide adult company. If your kids are still too young and small to ride alone, always make sure that they are accompanied by an adult, if you are indisposed. ALL safety conscious ride providers will also supply their own trained supervisors to oversee the rides and games.
  2. Orient them to follow the rules. Every ride carries a risk that can lead to accidents if rules are not properly observed. Procedures such as keeping belts fastened, staying on seats, and no standing, as well as keeping hands on rails must be followed. Remind them of the consequences of disobedience. Make sure that they understand what you are saying by asking them to repeat what you said. Of course flips are fun but also very dangerous. Again, safe ride operators will display or instruct these rules to all children!
  3. Choose your kids’ rides. Do not give in to every request for a ride that your kids make. Evaluate each request and each ride for relative safety and your child’s competence. Remember, their safety is your responsibility since they are still young and fearless. Explain why you disallow some rides and promise to allow them the ride at the right time. If you think you need to accede, ride with them. It takes the fun out of a fair if your kid is stuck on a giant slide because it’s too high for them!
  4. Follow height rules. Do not undermine height requirements. Statistics of ride accidents indicate height violations as among the most common causes of accidents in amusement rides. Smart operators will also split crowds into kids of relatively same height to assist with this!
  5. Discretionary ride choice. Different rides vary in movement, speed and intensity. More than anybody else, you know your kids. Some rides which may be too intense while in motion may cause a child to be scared, vomit or be overly excited as to lose control of his body reaction to the overstress. He may loosen his grip on the bar, or accidentally unlock the safety belt. Be cautious yourself. If you feel a ride can cause unusual stress, use your discretion to avoid the ride as it’s not for you or your child.
  6. Enforce the riders’ restraint. Never compromise the ride’s restraining mechanism. Even when the ride is in slow starting motion or pulling slowly to a stop, do not allow the kids to free themselves from their secured position to prevent injuries if the electrical system suddenly jolts.
  7. Enjoy rides with caution. Being a parent, accompanying the kids to the amusement park does not mean the enjoyment is only for the kids. You equally deserve to derive the full benefit of entertainment and leisure in the company of your children. Even as adults, there is still that longing in our hearts to play and enjoy the merriment. Go ahead, and enjoy. But enjoy with caution!

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Inflatables as Entertainment

In more recent times, new safer modalities of fun have been introduced for kids and adults alike, and they are easier on the wallet. These are the inflatables. They are those colourful giant air-filled rubberised structures used to punctuate family and corporate events. Normally cheaper to hire or even offered on a DIY basis by many companies, always make sure the ride is safely set up and being supervised according to the instructions provided.

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