The general concept of team building is designed to convert a group of employees into one cohesive unit, or team. Their combined goal should be working together and being supportive of each other. The main purpose of having team building activities is achieving a cooperative level whereby the needs of customers in cities such as Sydney are met by accomplishment and dedication to the task. To further explore the potential of available structured employee interaction, check what we offer for team building events.

Ten ideas for fun team building games

1. Create various obstacles for the team and create a story around it, for example, Big Baller Wipeout that came from the TV show Wipeout that you need to climb up and take on the big red balls.

This is a team building game in which interesting obstacles need to be conquered in an efficient and combined manner. Emphasis is placed on partnerships, strategies and careful planning, with team dependence.  It enables identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the group and encourages asking the right questions.

2. Arrange a day on a Paintball range or laser facility with designed missions to accomplish, but without pre-instructionsregarding its accomplishment. Manager and employees in the same teamswill demonstrate how working independently can create general chaos and poor attitudes towards each other.This inspiring and fun game can take teams out of their comfort zones with the philosophy of it being not a case of CAN or CANNOT, but a question of WILL and WILL NOT, or not having the know-how.

3. This team building game is intended to emphasise the concepts related to crisis management, selflessness and team spirit. It demonstrates the need for flexible planning and how re-assessment is an important factor in office team building.

The game revolves around finding ways and means of safely getting everyone across a dangerous river with various hazards to contend with, apart from the strong current and creatures waiting for a meal. It is fun and encourages creative and innovative thinking.

4. In this out-of-office teambuilding fun adventure you have a choice of either using full-sized vessels or toy replicas; but, in either event, they need to be designed, constructed, tried, tested and trusted.

This game will expose your team to the true adventure sensation of having them test their creative and innovative skills and commitment. This is achieved in a race around the obstacles to find the champions of these team events.


5. In this game, it’s a question of communication and trust as the team members are verbally tried and tested when expressing themselves.

Verbal instructions are given by one team member to another, possibly on a work related issue. The fun begins from the start, as the interpretation process becomes more in depth and the atmosphere relaxes.

This could be said to take communication skills to the limit, with, if desired penalties being imposed for poor performance.

Team building is not restrictive

Team building has the capacity to include the daily employee interaction of employees in a Sydney organization working together in meeting the needs of their particular jobs. It also has the ability to involve determined and structured activities and exercises, or, the option for managers to outsource to external specialists to facilitate.

However, team building is not restricted to facilitated meetings or courses; a team can turn into a cohesive unit by structuring activities that are fun and which team members can participate in together.


6 . In this team building exercise related to solving issues, it is fun but with serious undertones. One interpretation of it could be that following a long period of conflict between two countries, or tribes, peace is declared.

The primary objective of this peace is the interest in expanding trade relations. The objective is how the opposing teams combine to bridge their differences and work towards a common goal.


7. Emphasis on coordination and teamwork is placed on this game, which is challenging and fun. Teams are required to clearly display methods by which a determined plan can be assessed and executed to the optimal solution.

The teams must rely on the principles of brainstorming, problem-solving and thinking outside of the box. Results can be improved upon by regular sessions being held.

8. Here is a team building game that will allow your team to enjoy a real-life scenario. It challenges them to rescue team members who are injured.

However, there are challenging obstacles to overcome that need significant degrees of communication and trust. This is a team building exercise in life lessons and the basic principles of the corporate war zone can be integrated.


9. This is an interesting game scenario in which your team must negotiate a highly unfriendly obstacle, such as a toxic terrain, with limited resources; however, they do possess a high degree of team spirit.

This type of designed team building game presents the opportunity for team ingenuity, creative thinking and problem solving, planning and leadership skills.


10. This is great for team interaction. Each team member introduces themselves with their name with one true fact and one lie. After each person has finished, allow time for open conversation in which the team members questions each other on their two statements.

The concept is to convince the other members that your lie is actually a truth, while trying to guess the facts and lies about the others. After the questioning period, vote as a group on each statement, with points awarded for correct answers.

The idea of having team building activities is to create an environment that gets a message across. You want to achieve the desired results, yet, at the same time, be motivating and memorable.