Children treasure the fun and enjoyment they experience at every kid’s party they attend. This is particularly special if they are hosting their own party in the company of their chosen guests.

No matter how small the party is, a DIY party for your child will mark a very important milestone in his or her life, especially if your child is involved in the preparations; from selecting the theme, drawing up the guest list, creating and distributing the invitations, to choosing the menu and selecting the games.

We can divide the party into two major segments: before the party and during the party. A third segment – after the party – is needed to complete the party cycle and we can assume that this part is purely a clean-up session which can excuse our birthday honoree.

Before the Party

A children’s party needs good planning and the correct time allocated to get everything done. A timeline or schedule has to be drawn, allowing at least five weeks of preparations before the event date. At this point, the party theme has to be chosen and the date, time and venue fixed and reserved. Your kid’s input here will matter greatly – being the centre of the celebration. With the theme, date and venue set, it will be activity countdown from then on. Most party hosting experts suggest that your child’s best friend be asked to provide help and company for your child.

This timeline should summarise your preparations:

Five weeks: Select theme; fix and reserve date and venue; finalise guest list; draft and print invitations; finalise party programme; decide on food.

Four weeks: Send out invitations; purchase goods needed for party; prepare crafts or whatever gift or souvenir items or giveaways.

Three weeks: Appoint two or three adult relatives to assist in the preparation; give assignments, for example, games and programmes.

Two weeks: Review guest list and confirm those who have not sent a response.

One week: Review party programme with your assigned assistants; make sure that everything within their roles is fully covered. Order your balloons.

Three days: Decide to either prepare the food or order packed meals. Of course, you will lessen your stress if the food is pre-packed and ordered. Just be sure that somebody has food as an assignment so that the quality of the food and timeliness of delivery is assured. You may bake the cake if you wish, although buying a birthday cake with all the trimmings is perfectly acceptable. Assign this to the food in-charge. You can also begin decorating the premises, assuming the party will be held at home. Confirm the balloons for delivery on the morning of the party.

One day: Everything should be ready by this time. Make last minute reviews. No more rushed activity, apart from some minor details to enhance preparations. Get plenty of rest.

During the party

Most children’s parties are held mid-afternoon, so expect guests to come around 1330 hours. By noon, you and your child and everybody involved in the preparations must be ready to receive guests. Early guests should be led to a crafts table or corner where they can be occupied while waiting for the rest to arrive.

The party games should be one great source of fun for the kids. Two or three games will be enough to excite them. Some suggested games are an egg relay race, treasure hunt, dress-up race and pin the tail.

The food is usually served after the last game. You can play lively child-friendly music while they are eating. Before the eating is over, the party giveaways are usually distributed. At some parties, the gifts brought by the guest kids are opened by the honoree. There are pros and cons of such a practice. The safest of course is to reserve the opening to the honoree after the party.

After the distribution of the souvenir items, the honoree can say a thank you message to all who have come to celebrate. You will do the closing remarks to express your appreciation to the guests who have come and to those persons who have helped you make the birthday party as memorable as possible. As guests leave, you may position yourself at the door to say your personal thanks to all who have come.

Planet Entertainment for children’s parties

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