Children’s party time should be a fun time! A child’s birthday is an ideal occasion to hold a children’s party. This isn’t just a special day for the celebrator, but it is also the best time for family and friends to have a special get-together. Therefore, it’s necessary to make your child’s birthday celebration a success. If you are looking to give the best children’s party for your child and his friends, you need to incorporate in your event fun and exciting activities that are ideal for children. At Planet Entertainment, we have a host of party amusements including inflatables that would surely entertain your guests.

Inflatables are the most versatile playmates for children. Sure, they are being so costly. However, you need not buy them at all. At Planet Entertainment, we have different party inflatables for hire. Children will surely love them as they are harmless and very fun to play with. Inflatables offer no hard resistance and accommodate the kids playing as much as they want with assistance of a friendly staff. Planet Entertainment’s inflatables are designed to have smooth edges and to withstand the children’s weight and movements. They are also made of flamboyant colours that are attractive to kids and are guaranteed safe even with water.

Choices of Inflatables Ideal for Children’s Party

There are a whole lot of very attractive for-hire inflatables at Planet Entertainment. For children’s parties, here are some of the best choices:

  1. Kiddie Pillar

This is a sure favourite among kids. It is very colourful and depicts the image of the friendly caterpillar found in most children’s books. Dangling obstacles inside the caterpillar will take the kids to a new level of fun and enjoyment as they deal with easy-to-handle hurdles. Kids can climb a crest part in the Kiddiepillar’s body and make a joyful slide. Attractive artworks and colours are very evident inside and outside of the Kiddiepillar that will expose the kids to a display of colours and artistry. Parents can easily monitor their kids inside the Kiddiepillar through some panels that are made see-through for them to see their kids while playing. Being inside the Kiddiepillar is a wonderful experience for the kids themselves.

Space requirement is 11m x 8m. The setup can accommodate 15 kids at a time and can pass 100 kids per hour. The Kiddiepillar comes with a support staff to provide assistance and guidance to children.

  1. Olympic Obstacle Course

This is another highly popular choice for an inflatable setup for kids. It introduces the kids to a life theme that entails a journey to a goal can be full of obstacles but can be hurdled if they persevere enough to overcome them. The course dares the kids to go past obstacles that are pre-set and simulated. These include tunnels, hills and humps, among others that they must discover for themselves. Children will surely tackle these hurdles with much enjoyment and determination to cross over to the end. This Olympic obstacle course can also be an interactive setup for the kids.

The course will require an area of 19m x 6m that can hold as many as 15 kids at a time and 400 kids passing through per hour. The obstacle course comes with a friendly support staff to watch over the safety of the kids.

  1. The Dodgem Cars

This is another surefire favourite of kids. This bump car set up fires up the adrenaline in children as they bump, blast, turn and chase their playmates and friends in excitement inside the track. It is one of the most enjoyable play ride experiences of kids as it is interactive and lively, with flashing lights and vibrant music. You can imagine kids shouting, screaming, shrieking and hollering with sheer enjoyment. The 16m x 16m track can accommodate 24 kids at a time. The Dodgem Cars comes with a full staff to provide assistance and guidance for maximum safety.

  1. Bungee Trampoline

This inflatable Bungee Trampoline will make you feel like you are flying. Kids love it so much! Riders are safely strapped to a secure bungee harness complete with elastic cords which enables them to do straight vertical jumps. The trampoline literally takes the kids to a new level of excitement! This ride would need a space of 9m x 9m and can pass 65 riders per hour. The setup comes with a full support friendly staff.

Planet Entertainment can also arrange to provide Snow Cones, Fairy Floss and hotdogs to complete your party setup. Coloured banners can be added as well to create a more festive party atmosphere.

Choosing the right provider

Other inflatable setups for hire are available and are listed in our website. You are welcome to view them for free at If you decide to hire inflatables for your children’s party, you won’t certainly go wrong. That’s because inflatables are exciting and hot items for children. When you book an amusement provider to set this up for you, be sure you choose the right company to provide the best and safest facilities such as Planet Entertainment. They surely have proven experience and tested reliability.

At Planet Entertainment, you are making sure your kids are in safe hands. We guarantee total satisfaction with a 110% success rate for your children’s party needs.