Planning a party for children isn’t easy at all. You have to plan for the cakes, entertainment, multiple fun activities that will keep the kids engaged throughout the party – seeing as kids have a very short attention span – and a host of other things. While there are many fun activity options, none is quite as exciting for kids as the bouncy or jumping castles. It’s one of those very rare entertainment options that the kids never tire of.

Why Should You Hire Jumping Castles for Children’s Party?

1. Kids Love, Love, Love Them

Where do kids run to upon arrival at the venue of the party? They go after fun and entertaining things. If there’s a jumping castle at the venue, you can be sure that it’s what they’ll go for immediately.

You see, kids absolutely love bouncy castles and can spend a lot of time in them throughout the party. Sure, they may leave and switch to other things, but you can be sure that they’ll always go back to the castle. It’s fun, bouncy and thrilling. Who wouldn’t love something like that!

2. Offers the Parents Some Respite

Running after and trying to catch up with the kids at a party is a very tiring and tasking duty. As chaperones, most parents often have to do this. Kids have boundless energy which makes them nearly impossible to keep up with.

But if you were to rent or hire jumping castles for the children’s party, you could actually get some respite and have some time to mingle with other adults at the party while the kids basically jump in the castles and have the fun of their lives. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone.

3. Gets Them Some Exercise

Let’s be honest, our kids are growing up in a technologically advanced world. They IM, they chat, they spend more time watching TV, talking on their phones and surfing the internet than they do running, jumping or getting any exercise for that matter.

Little wonder there’s more recorded type 1 diabetes and obesity among many children these days. Hiring a jumping castle for children’s party is a sure-fire way to get them to exercise more. Merely bouncing in those castles for 10-15 minutes burns off fat and promotes weight loss. It’s also good for their muscles, bones, physical strength and mental acuity.

4. Increased Children’s Ability to Socialise

No thanks to technology and overprotective parents, many children are not as sociable as they should. If you have been yearning to improve kids’ social skills, get them to make more real life friends –as against virtual friends- and interact with kids their age, you should hire a jumping castle for the children’s party.

If you’re looking for an excellent place to rent or hire jumping castles for an upcoming children’s party, checkout Planet Entertainment. We have a ton of jumping castle themes to choose from and all of which the kids will love. Get in touch with us now and let’s help make the children’s party a memorable and fun one.