Or to be correct, Football….as several of our full time staff would argue…

Our Operations Team consists of Dan (UK), Gianluca and Manuel (Italy). Being huge fans of ALL soccer leagues,  there is endless talking about the teams and games which occupy every second of their lives. We thought we should share some of their favourite Planet Entertainment items which suit your soccer presentation days and parties seeming as there must be plenty of other Football Fanatics! To all the clubs we already assist with rides and entertainment for your end of year presentations, there may be some ideas here for you too.


Combining 2 of our popular games, this exciting new item lets contestants on one side take a shootout for the holes, while the other side allows the challenge of Soccer Darts! Excite your colleagues or party guests with 2 competitions running simultaneously!


Another fun take on a classic pub game of pool or snooker is the Soccer Billiards. This will suit most venues and is available as an inexpensive DIY hire to offer guests something different at your next event!


Mum and Dad, you will surely remember these and possibly even owned one or played it at the local pub? The great thing about the now ‘retro’ Foosball Tables are they require no power so can be set up almost anywhere you want to challenge your friends. Suitable for 2 or 4 players, this is an inexpensive DIY hire and enjoyed by all ages. If we can’t find the guys in the warehouse they are normally having a quick game on this!



Well, take the above and insert humans. This is a fully interactive activity for 12 players at a time. Fixed in your spot you have to carefully plan your passes to your mates, so this has also proved very popular for Team Building exercises as well.  Our staff will deliver and set this up for you, as well as referee the game!



Possibly one of the most hilarious re-inventions of soccer possible! Let us bring our giant arena to your open space, pump up your zorb balls and begin the chaos! As the referee blows the whistle, you all chase the ball and bounce eachother out of the way. It may be difficult to strategise a game plan, but the laughs are well worth it, especially for those who think they are good players, everyone is equal on this turf.



No goal posts? No worries! Rent this inflatable Soccer Shootout Cage for promotional events, competitions or just some fun in the backyard. Simply inflate the enclosure and start shooting! Also works great as an enclosure to speed test your strikers…



The latest craze for any football or soccer themed function is Soccer Darts! Host this interactive item indoors or outdoors to suit your promotional needs, party or the weather. It couldn’t be more simple yet your guests will love it. This is available as a DIY hire or we can deliver and set it up for you.

We hope that you’ve found some fun and engaging soccer themed items for your next function.

If you would like to find out about how to include any of these products at your next function, please call us on 02 9888 7750, or email [email protected]