Inflatables for All Events

Fun inflatables are suitable for your birthday parties, kids’ parties, corporate events, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, milestone gatherings, planning sessions, team-building meetings and other themed events. Inflatables could make these activities come alive, not only for the kids but also for the adults. The addition could instantly transform and brighten your event setting from the various colours that inflatables are well-known for, making an otherwise drab setting explode with colour and animation.

Dynamic colours

Colours are known to stimulate the senses enough to excite even the most serious or least participative among party participants. If inflatables are introduced and made part of the event’s physical setting as well as the programme of activities, you can already be sure there will be heightened activity.

For kids’ parties

At Planet Entertainment, we have a generous array of for-hire inflatables of various kinds, colours and sizes to suit your event or its theme. Especially for kids’ parties or family reunions, you can have inflatable sets arranged exclusively for children to keep them engaged while they are enjoying their playful time with the rest of their guests.

For adults only

You can also arrange to have a set of inflatables for adults to adapt to their level of seriousness or readiness for excitement and challenge posed by your selected inflatables. Our Obstacle Course or Rock Climbing Wall, for example, are perfect selections for the adult members of your family groups that can challenge their individual creativity, or even group creativity if in team mode.

Family Bonding Moments

The selected inflatables can even be the venue or activity that will create bonding moments for everyone in the family. Because of this, family reunions can become events of tradition that all participants can look forward to in the future.

Milestone celebrations

Even corporate events can benefit immensely when companies hire inflatables for use as event facilities for interaction. Many companies gather annually to celebrate a corporate milestone at some exclusive place, usually encouraging employees to bring their families to the affair as part of a cultivated corporate culture.

While employees are attending to the more official segment of the gathering, the rest of the family members of the employees can be treated to a separate setting where inflatables are waiting to be used. Likewise, in the official segment, the activities do not have to be all too serious. The company can also have inflatables that will not only be fun-filled but can even be tailor-suited to a corporate theme.

Greater productivity

Of course, that is not to say that participation in the inflatable activity will not be mentally, physically and psychologically stimulating. You can expect the real outcome of all these activities is genuine employee engagement leading to greater productivity in the workplace.

Choosing the right provider

If you decide to hire inflatables for your special occasion, you can’t go wrong as you can be sure to bring your event to life creating a fun atmosphere for all your guests. When you book an amusement provider to do this for you, be sure you choose the right company to provide the facilities. Choose one with proven experience and tested reliability.

Planet Entertainment ( is an events planner and facilities provider specialising in all kinds of inflatables for hire. We can adapt our inflatables to suit your event theme or objective. Our range of inflatable setups are available for viewing on our website.

At Planet Entertainment, you can be sure you are in safe hands. We guarantee your total satisfaction for a 110% success rate for your event.

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