For a kid, one of the most important dates of his/her life is his/her birthday. As parents, we want our child birthday party to be different and exciting not only for the whole family, but for your child’s visitors as well. But sometimes, we run out of new entertainment ideas. We have come up with a few of the most fun-filled activities for parties that kids will surely enjoy, and all you have to do is rent.

The entertainment company Planet Entertainment, which has been providing party inflatables, can go to our homes and set an inflatable up well ahead of time. If there are any special instructions attached to the usage of the particular inflatable, we, the party organisers, will be properly informed. After the party, the company could even be asked to collect it to save us from the hassle of having to return the item ourselves.

Bounce House

The inflatables available for children’s parties come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. One of the inflatables that is suited for kids of all ages is the Bounce House.Kids spend time bouncing , jumping high and landing in a variety of positions. As a preccautionary measure, we, parents, must ensure that party kids do not take toys into the house area with them, as this can prove dangerous for them and the other kids while they all bounce.

Also, it is important that we inform the other parents that there is going to be a bounce house so they would dress their little ones appropriately.

Inflatable Slide

With a summer party, and if there is room in your garden, renting inflatables will help keep the kids active and amused, because it’s fun and safe for them to use. Some of the inflatables are delivered with a motor and hose attachment to fix it to your garden hose.

Another option is putting bubble bath in the water which gives everyone hours of sudsy, bubbly fun. This is when we should remind the other parents to bring bathing costumes and towels for the party.

Fun Food

To really add a fiesta atmosphere to kiddie parties, besides renting inflatables, we can also have machines for popcorn, fairy floss, or snow cones. Besides the fun, kids will also enjoy getting foods and goodies for themselves. Another great innovation for the kids and us, parents.

We offer the Snow Cone Machine with a cart that hangs cones along the top. The taste of syrup on the crushed ice is so yummy. With the popcorn machines, the kids will enjoy watching the corn kernels pop. Then there is the machine for making sugary sweet fairy floss – always a winner at kiddie parties.

Hot dogs are yummy snacks and they’re easy to make, too. The kids enjoy the fact that they can make their own choice hot dogs.

Atomic Drop and Slide

Atomic drop and slide is a huge draw card because it can bring so much fun in a party. It enables kids to climb up to the top and slide down fast to an inflatable landing area. This is also a superb, fun idea for older kids as well.  

Jumping Castles

Renting inflatables like Jumping Castles is a part of the great selection of products from Planet Entertainment that children will always enjoy playing in. Choices of jumping castles range from a cottage jumping castle to a knights jumping castle or the Disney princess combo castle. Little girls have always loved the Disney princess combo.


Kids from ages 3 until 10 will enjoy the Kiddie-pillar. This long inflatable is colourful and has dangling obstacles that takes “fun” to a whole new level. Kids can also climb and make a slide to make them feel adventurous. The see-through panels make it easy for parents to watch the happenings inside.

Renting inflatables like this give ten to fifteen-year old kids the chance to enjoy the party. Parents are also give the option to a staff member to assist them in looking after the kids.

Make the most of your kid’s birthdays and contact Planet Entertainment to discuss the type of party you want and the great advantages of renting inflatables! Our service is designed to give your kids and you a great occasion to remember.