Recently we were stoked to be included in the annual Throttle Roll Street Fair, a really fun event combining a love for motorbikes, music, good food and drink, and fun for the whole family.

We brought the Mechanical Bull to the Throttle Roll Street Party to see if the Motorbike enthusiasts could hold on!

The Mechanical Bull is not only one of our most popular and frequently hired rides, but it also serves as a great ‘breakout’ item at festivals and fairs. It breaks up the crowds and offers a different form of fun at an event which otherwise doesn’t have a ‘rides section.’

As the crowds got larger and larger, bellies got full of food and drink…more and more people wanted to challenge the bull. It makes a Mechanical Bull a rather inexpensive way to offer some entertainment even at a busy festival…and we need less than 6m x 6m to operate!

The Bucking Bull was also a great way to entertain the kids while parents checked out all of the bikes and stalls!

As the day went on the Mechanical Bull became a challenge for even the coolest motorbike enthusiasts…where hanging on and not falling is a daily risk!

A HUGE thank you to the crew at Throttle Roll and we hope to be involved again next year!

For plenty more action packed photos from this event please visit the amazing work of Pete Cagnacci.