Team building is a critical aspect of corporate success. Without it, goals will not be achieved, targets won’t be met and co-workers may not get along. This is why companies invest heavily in activities that will help their employees bond and increase their ability to work together with as little friction as possible.

While there are many team building activities that company staff can get involved in, one of the best is the outdoor climbing wall activity. This involves the use of outdoor climbing walls set up in the company’s grounds, the providing firm’s offices or at a location of the corporate event – usually somewhere outdoors. The benefits of outdoor climbing wall include the following:

1. Fosters Team Spirit

Helping one another surmount obstacles instead of being fixated on deadlines and targets forces each individual to willingly help the other person get to decent heights on the rock wall. Think of this as a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from each other.

Climbing the wall with the guidance of your colleagues on the ground requires that you trust them and take them at their word. This is crucial for corporate success. Multiple studies have shown that companies and organizations where people genuinely trust each other tend to achieve more goals and targets faster.

2. Great for Goal Setting

The great thing about this is the ability to set and exceed goals. The wall climbing is designed in such a way that when you’ve conquered a particular route, the bar is automatically raised to more challenging routes. Sure, you may have to attempt that climb several times to achieve it, but with enough go at it, you will find that you could basically conquer anything.

3. Builds Leadership Skills and Character

Every individual gets to take turns climbing up and down the rock wall and learning from the belayer on the ground, after which they get to be the belayer or part of the encouraging group on the ground inspiring and instructing the climber where to put their feet while going up or coming down.

The point is that everyone gets to be student and teacher at certain points in their rock climbing experience. They get to learn and instruct. This can be an excellent way to build character and leadership skills among all workers. It can teach them to develop a personal sense of responsibility for their colleagues.

4. Enhances Communication

When there’s a breach in communication, workers typically report a lack of productivity which always impact results and targets negatively. Engaging in team building activities like outdoor wall climbing can do a lot for improving communication among participants.

This is largely because even though rock climbing is an individual sport, being able to communicate with your partners on the ground is critical to you being able to successfully climb down the wall. With this therefore, the workers can learn from the fact that improved and clear communication can help everyone in the organization collectively reach their goals and targets.

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