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Big Kahuna Mechanical Surfboard Hire Sydney

Surf’s Up Dude!! Hiring a Mechanical Surfboard or Mechanical Bull would have to be the most frequent choice of our clients for backyard parties, pub events or corporate fun. The big hit of any summer party is the fun that can be had on our mechanical surfboard by all ages, and if it’s winter then why not have a Hawaiian theme and ignore the cold? This mechanical surf machine is themed with a towering 4m wave which will create a memorable backdrop for your guests photos. Ideal as the main attraction or item within a large array of games, the Big Kahuna surfboard lets you ride the wave then wipe out on the inflatable cushioning which surrounds for a safe fall. We also have a smaller Mechanical Surfboard model if you space is a little more restricted for you, or try and ride the Pipeline wave of Hawaii!

To set this game up we first need to get the motor into place. It’s a little heavy so we need to trolley it so it is best if we can avoid narrow doorways and stairs, but it’s not impossible if no other choice. We stabilise the motor frame and connect power, then place the inflatable surround and surfboard over the motor. Once we power up with 2 normal powerpoints, we are ready to go. No surfing experience is required as our operator will carefully watch your progression and adjust the settings as required. We can go from super slow rocking to crazy fearless wipeout mode for those with good balance. It’s important to know you’re safe though as any spills will land you on the wide cushioned surrounding and we supply additional crash mats outside the ride too! Many of our guests run competitions using a timer to see who can last the longest riding the wave and it may be a good way to give out prizes or part of a team building exercise!

This model has great branding opportunities with its visual appeal, and once set up will need a space 8m in length and 4.5m width. Due to the height of the wave please allow a 4m height clearance in your venue or you will need to consider the smaller options mentioned above. Get involved and try out the very popular Big Kahuna for your next function!

Ages6 years old to Adult
Space required8m x 4.5m x 4m (L x W x H)
Power required2 x 240V/10amp (normal power points) on its own circuit
Access requiredFlat level access is required with minimum width of 1.1m
Game Capacity1 rider at once. Approximately 60 people per hour
Hire OptionsThe Big Kahuna Surf Machine will come with 1 staff to supervise to ensure safety and fun.
States availableNSW only

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