60-in-1 table top

All the fun of the old milkbars and corner stores is back, add this retro item to your next corporate function for some old-school fun and nostalgia.

There are 60 games including:

Ms Paceman; Galaga; Frogger; Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior; Donkey Kong 3; Galaxian; Dig Dug; Crush Roller; Mr. Do; Space Invaders; Pacman; Galaga3; Gyruss; Tank Battalion; 1942; Ladybug; Burger Time; Mappy; Centipede; Millipede; JR Paceman; Pengo; Phoenix; Time Pilot; Super Cobra; Hustler; Space Panic; Super Breakout; New Rally X; Arkanoid; Qix; Juno Frist; Xevious; Mr. Do’s Castle; Moon Cresta; Pinball Action; Scramble; Super Pacman; Bomb Jack; Shao-Lin’s Road; King & Balloon; 1943; Van-Van Car; Pacman Plus; Dig Dug 2; Amidar; Zaxxon; Pooyan; Pleiads; Gun. Smoke; The End; 1943 Kai; Congo Bongo; Jumping Jack; MS. Pacman (2); Galaga (2); Pacman (2); Jr. Pacman (2); Pacman Plus (2)

Set as Coin operated or free play.


Space Required 1.8m x 0.8m
Power Required 1 x 240v/10 amp normal power outlet
States Available NSW only.


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