Mechanical Surfboard

The big hit of any summer party is the fun that can be had on our mechanical surfboard. The surf machine is themed with palm trees and beach colours and will integrate seamlessly into your next party. Ideal as the […]

Mechanical Snowboard

The downhill slalem adventure of the mechanical snowboard will make your next snow themed party one to be remembered all the way into the summer. The longer you stay on the mechanical snowboard the faster it goes. Shred your way […]

Mechanical Bull

Bucking Bulls for hire all around Sydney! Welcome to the Rodeo, and NO experience is required to ride our bulls. We have 4 of Australia’s most advanced and safest electronic controls to ensure a great fun ride, and our operator will […]

Laughing Clowns – 4 Heads

By far our most addictive Carnival Game, the Laughing Clowns are the perfect attraction for your next sideshow alley event. This game requires perfect timing and concentration as you feed the balls into the clown’s mouth and attempt to line […]

The Dodgem Cars

The Dodgem cars is everyones favourite fairground attraction. People of all ages will be queing up to take a spin in one of our authentic dodgem cars. Blast, bump, turn and chase your friends around our 16m track. With “non-offenive” […]

Fairy Floss Machine

Fairy Floss is a great Fun Food addition to your next event and our Fairy Floss is the best in town. The Fairy Floss Machine comes with all ingredients and supplies including sugar, sticks and gloves. Our Hygiene and Food […]

Snow Cones & Cart

Hire the Snow Cone Machine with the cart and you will have the most impressive stall at your next event. Breeze through the hot months of the year with the most versatile and impressive Snow Cone Cart in Australia. Our […]

Snow Cone Machine

Nothing is more refreshing than the taste of syrup on crushed ice and our Snow Cones are the sweetest! The Snow Cone Machine comes with all supplies including cone cups, straws and flavouring. Hire the Snow Cone Machine with an […]

Popcorn Machine & Cart

Add the Popcorn Cart to your Popcorn Machine booking for that retro carnival vibe. The Popcorn Machine & Cart comes with all ingredients and supplies including popcorn kernels, popcorn bags, butter salt, oil and gloves. Hire the Popcorn Machine & […]

Popcorn Machine

Nothing beats the smell of freshly popped popcorn and our Popcorn Machine is a great way to add a twist to your next event. The smell of freshly baked popcorn is a lure for attracting potential customers to your trade […]

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs, Get your Hot Dogs! By far the most impressive Hot Dog Cart you will find anywhere in Australia. Imported directly from the US, this hot dog cart/stand will certainly be the Jewel in the crown of […]

Fairy Floss Cart

Fairy Floss is a great Fun Food addition to your next event and our Fairy Floss is the best in town. The Fairy Floss Machine comes with all ingredients and supplies including sugar, sticks and gloves. Our Hygiene and Food […]

Dunking Machine

Dunk the boss, Dunk the teacher, Dunk the celebrity or dunk your family and friends – the unique and well presented Dunking machine and Dunking Tank will be the star attraction at your next party. The dunking machine is easy […]

Big Splash

Splash the boss, splash the teacher, splash the celebrity or splash your family and friends – the Big Splash creates a fun event which anyone can participate in! Perfect for fundraising, school fun days, corporate parties, camps, festivals, birthday parties…you […]

Wacky Hoops

The wacky hoops is a great team building exercise or sporting presentation day addition, or even consider it as a carnival game with prizes. This game stands 4m tall and has 2 basketball hoops so contestants can see who sinks […]

Sticky Wall

Become a fly on the wall with Planet Entertainment’s Sticky Wall. Do it sideways and straight up. The sticky wall includes 6 x sticky suits of various sizes to accommodate all. Integrated within the game is an inflatable safety wall […]

Sumo Suits

The Sumo suits will be the hit of your next party. Planet Entertainment will recreate an authentic Japanese Sumo fight at your next event. You get more than just front row seats! You take part in the sumo action! The […]

Rockem and Sockem

Want a fun competitive game? The Rockem and Sockem is great to play and funny to watch. Its hard enough staying on the rocking bubble! Combine that with battling you opponents using our foam filled gladiator joust sticks and you […]

Picnic Pack

Our Picnic Pack is packed full of activities and is a great value addition for your next event. Pack includes; Tug-o-War rope, egg & spoon races, sack races, cricket set and a range of sports balls. Perfect for team building, […]

Inflatable Volley Ball

Want to keep your guests active AND entertained? The Inflatable Volley Ball set up is the perfect amusement to achieve both goals. Due to the sealed air design, this amusement can also be set up in pools and can cater […]

Inflatable Hoops

The inflatable hoops is the ideal corporate team building exercise or sporting presentation day addition. The Inflatable game stands 6m tall and has 2 basketball hoops to shoot for. The Inflatable hoops includes an integrated ball return system and 4 […]

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is the human sized version of table soccer. The game consists of six players per side with the objective being to score a goal in the opponents goal. The catch is that players are strapped in so they […]

Gladiator Duel

The Gladiator Duel is the most popular battle game we carry in our stock. The objective is to use our foam filled gladiator sticks to joust your opponent off their podium and be declared the Gladiator Duel Champion. Don’t worry […]

Dual lane horizontal Bungee

The Dual Lane Bungee is a very competitive game and has added the excitement into Family Days, Sporting presentation days and many corporate events. Each player begins with their own puck and must launch down the horizontal bungee run and […]

Carnival Amusement Rides for Hire

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