Are you charged with putting together an outdoor event that will draw a crowd? If so, you have a lot of planning to do. One thing you can do is to invite relevant vendors who can set up booths and showcase their merchandise to the public.

Of course, you will need to invite food vendors who will sell all types of delicious convenient foods that people will enjoy.

You should also arrange to have musicians perform. What about actual activities that people can participate in? These activities should be fun and entertaining, and they should appeal to a wide range of the population. A lot of people like activities that will challenge their physical abilities. How about a rock wall hire?

A rock wall appeals to people from all backgrounds, men and women, both young and old. Just the visual impact of the structure will draw in crowds. With rock walls, you have many options in style, size and design.

Rock wall hires provide you with everything you need to simulate rock climbing. The participant is fitted with a safety harness and helmet that are provided with the rock wall.

Smaller rock walls can accommodate one climber at a time, while larger rock walls can accommodate up to four people at a time. The choice of sizes is up to you.

Rock walls are great fun for the people climbing as well as the on-lookers. Imagine the cheers from the ground as a climber scales the rock wall higher and higher, one step at a time until he reaches the top. There is no lack of excitement when people are rooting on the climber to reach the top.

There are rock wall designs for various difficulty levels. For children, you can get a small version that is perfectly sized for the smaller arms and legs. Have a wall for the adults and one for the children, side by side, so that the parent and child can climb together. Imagine the fun that this will bring.

Group climbing is even more exciting. If you have a rock wall that can accommodate four people, a group of friends can participate together. Imagine the laughter and the enjoyment that everyone will experience.

Rock walls are perfectly safe. They look difficult, but the climb is really not. The grips and footing are easy to grab on to. They are placed in strategic locations on the wall surface so that the climb is just challenging enough without making it too difficult or impossible. You want people to have a good time, not to discourage them.

You can find rock walls that have simulated rock surface that looks and feel very realistic. The set up will be done by a qualified technician will be on site to help with the fitting of the safety harness and give the participants some basic instructions about climbing. The experience is very close to real rock climbing, only there are many layers of safety built in.

A rock wall is sure to be the biggest attraction in your event. This will provide multiple picture ops for your event attendees. People who participated will talk about their experience for days and weeks to come.

If you want your event to be a big success, consider a rock wall hire. Just contact the provider and make your reservation. The rock wall will be set up before your event and will be taken down by trained personnel from the company. If you are fundraising, this activity will sure to be your biggest money maker in the event.