We deal with so many events annually and understand our customers needs, so Luke thought he would share some first hand tips on the increasingly popular end of year Footy presentations and how to turn them into HUGE and memorable events! 

The season may be over, but there is still fun to be had!


I remember my end of year presentations as a kid; little more than a sausage sizzle and a trophy presentation. While the parents sat around and socialised over a beer, we would usually just play a game of footy which, ironically, is what we had done all season. This was always fun and meant we got to spend time with our team mates, but now that I assist clubs organise their end of year events…the game has changed!

Based on the Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL events I have organised over the years, I’ve outlined some emerging trends to keep the day interesting for all ages and also involve the whole family to promote the future of the club and its next generation of players.


Use the homeground and clubhouse to your advantage

The first thing you need is your venue, and why stray from what the clubs patrons already know and love? The homeground!

On occasion I have clubs approach me and they want to hire a venue or local park for their event. It may seem like a good idea but this will incur hire fees, council approvals and often mean that families need to make arrangements to get to a foreign or distant location for the event. Keep it simple and use your local ground. Likely you have vehicle access to the fields to setup entertainment of your choosing, already know the groundsmen and the clubhouse provides a canteen, storage or ideal place for people to sit and socialise.


We know this is meant to be the purpose of the event, and in my experience and observations I have a few points to consider.

If you do the presentation at the start of the event it may provide a platform to ensure all patrons are punctual and attend the event, whilst kids are also enthusiastic and attentive. The downside is if there is no entertainment to follow then many people may leave afterwards so you lose the social and communal engagement the club deserves! You’d also be amazed how many lost or broken trophies we have found around our rides when we pack up 🙁

Presentations held in the middle of an event tend to pull the crowds apart from their games or social conversations, as well as if you have paid for rides and games then this will be lost time…again, many people may then start to leave afterwards.

My recommendation is having the awards towards the end of the function. This allows families to ‘rock up’ to a less formal start time when food, games and rides will already be setup and operating. Everyone gets to have plenty of fun, eat and chat before the presentation. This then acts as a finishing touch for the games to wrap up (so they are not a distraction) and the President can say his thank you’s and give awards before everyone disperses at the same time!


Mascots, Sponsors and Costumes 

This is showing to be a lot of fun and another way kids and the families can interact with the club, sponsors and each other. We are also seeing the older players or coaches dressing up as superheroes and participating in the games to get everyone involved!

Cronulla Caringbah Sharks mascot and kids riding the Giant Shark Slide together.

Planet Entertainment staff and the McDonalds Hamburglar!


Rugby themed fun and rides.

Apart from simple games you can create yourself to keep the families entertained, we also have specifically rugby and football themed rides that are frequently hired to tire the kids out and ensure the day is packed with fun!

The Footy Challenge or Rugby Rumble are great Planet Entertainment obstacle courses.

Challenge your guests on our Try Scorer Bungee.

Create a competition to see if the kids can outlast the coaches on our Mechanical Football?

The simple game of Pass the Footy can be hired, used by your sponsors or make your own?


Happy bellies, Happy club!

I mentioned earlier that my old footy clubs would always put on a sausage sizzle…well this nostalgic and effective food is still an Australian icon and doesn’t disappoint. I’ve seen some clubs getting creative and extending the menu to burgers, wraps and other simple items. It’s usually a great way to keep costs down and have the club volunteers assist you in meeting the demand over the hot plate.

HINT: reach out to the local butcher and baker for a great deal on the bulk orders in exchange for some signage and local community support!

And, if you feel you need some simple snacks on the side, have you considered our DIY Fun Food machines or we can even supply them with operators if preferred?

Sporty kids enjoying snowcones. Planet Entertainment can try to match your team colours for these or Fairy Floss!


In Summary…

In a world full of technology where more and more children sit behind screens and play games or watch TV, it’s the footy and other sporting clubs that are really important social scenes for kids to stay active and make real lasting friendships. As clubs are always looking to retain their players, as well as expand and increase membership, I hope you find these little tips and observations helpful if you should find yourself on the committee for the club presentations.

If you ever need any further assistance you can make an enquiry on the website, email [email protected], or call us on 02 9888 7750 for pricing and further information.

All the best and RUCK’nROLL!