Cliffhanger Dry Slide

Cliffhanger Dry Slide Hire Sydney.

The Cliffhanger dry slide is one of our tallest and steepest giant dry slides for adults and kids over the age of 4. Not only is it a great big colourful spectacle at your school fair, sports presentation or corporate family day, the two slide chutes make it a great people mover to keep the queues down, ticket sales high and keep the guests having maximum fun! Our operators will oversee safety and control the guests, allowing 2 at a time to climb up the towering ladder, then they shuffle out and hold onto the cliff rope before taking the drop down the adrenaline pumping slides. This is not for the faint hearted, expect to feel your stomach drop as you take the plunge and let go of the Cliffhanger!

Slide Installation: This is a large dry slide so we need to be able to get the truck directly to your setup location or trolley and roll the item over a short flat distance from the truck. You will need to allow an overhead clearance of 9m, if you are unsure then please speak to our event team so we can discuss this or arrange a site inspection.

If you need to move even more people then the Candy Crush inflatable slide has 3 chutes and is a little more gentle on the incline, or for this dropslide in a water version check out the Atomic Drop!


Ages 5 to Adult (Minimum 1.3m height restriction)
Space required 11m x 6.5m x 9m (L x W x H)
Power required 2 x 240V/10amp (normal power points) on its own circuit
Game Capacity Approximately 300 people per hour
Hire Options Includes full supervision by our trained uniformed operators
States available NSW only

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