Halfpipe Snowboard Machine

Halfpipe Mechanical Snowboard Machine Hire Sydney.

No chance of this halfpipe melting downunder, unless your skills are that good that the ride spins too fast! Planet Entertainment is always seeking to bring you the most impressive rides or put our spin on the classics like the Mechanical Snowboard to keep them visually exciting and current. Set amongst the backdrop of a gnarly halfpipe, shred your way to extreme adventure and try not to face plant on our soft inflatable base as you seek to ride the board longer or crazier than your other guests. Frequently hired for backyard parties, 18th or 21st birthdays and winter themed events, this cool take on a classic ride will freshen up any venue and get the crowd cheering! Many people will run competitions using a timer to see who can last the longest riding the halfpipe and it may be a good way to give out prizes or part of a team building exercise!

Ride requirements: A preferable setup location is one that is flat level access for us to trolley in the equipment. The motor is a little heavy so narrow doorways and stairs are not ideal (but not impossible) if we have some assistance. In a relatively flat location we will setup the motor and snowboard frame and unroll the inflatable section around it. Using 2 powerpoints we can crank the blowers and controls and you are ready to shred or compete against your friends!

Incorporate this ride as part of a Winter Wonderland style party and guests can enjoy a Snowcone while they wait in line and the snow falls overhead from a professional grade Snow Machine


Ages 6 years to Adult.
Space Required 5.4m x 6.5m x 3.5m (h)
Power Required 2 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) on its own circuit
Game Capacity 1 rider at once. Approximately 60 people per hour
Hire Options The Mechanical Snowboard will come with 1 staff to supervise to ensure safety and fun
States Available NSW & ACT only

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