Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course

Ironman Challenge Obstacle Course Hire Sydney.

Show us your muscles! This fantastic inflatable obstacle course has been one of our most impressive and competitive courses for years. The Ironman is one mighty colourful piece of equipment and offers a great visual for your guests as they walk up to the towering muscle man near the entry. Whilst he may think he’s the coolest gym junkie in town, we’ve seen many girls and boys smash their way through his course with speed and agility. Internally the unit features squeeze tubes, climb sections and a slide, biff bash and overall is a great workout for young and older players alike. Get in early to secure this crowd-pleaser for your next event as it is out every weekend for sports clubs, gymnasiums, school fairs etc. Another key feature of this course is that the entry and exit points are on the same side of the ride so it is easy for our operator to supervise and there are entries for 2 players at a time to race!

Venue Requirements: We can get this ride into most locations! We will drop from the truck or trolley the 3 sections of this into your event space, we unroll and carefully align them and clip it together, and then power up 3 blowers which will inflate this obstacle course. It’s suitable for indoors so long as you have the height clearance too!

We also have a giant dinosaur themed version of this course called the Jurassic Survivor or the army style Black Ops course.


Ages 5 years to Adult
Space required 12m x 10m x 8m (L x W x H)
Power required 3 x 240V/10amp (normal power points) on its own circuit
Game Capacity 450 people per hour
Hire Options Ironman Challenge inflatable will come with 1 staff to supervise and ensure safety and fun
States available NSW only

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