Snow Machine

Snow Machine Hire Sydney

This snow machine is great for entrances to your party, over a dance floor or even used in large concert halls like the video below! Looks like the real thing, adjustable output and snow dissipates shortly after hitting the ground.The snow fluid is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, will not stain and will not leave any residue.

Item Requirements: This item requires a 1 x standard power point to run the machine. This machine can run for roughly 1 hour of continuous use depending on the power output setting used, and we provide a full tank with each hire. We are also able to provide more snow liquid for an additional fee if you believe you may need to operate the machine for an extended period of time.

We have many other special effects machines for hire including the Smoke Machine, Bubble Machine, and the more powerful version of this item, the Snow Storm Machine.


Capacity 5 Litres lasts approximately 1-2 hours
Power required 1 x 240V outlet
States Available NSW only

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