Are you looking to step up your party into something fun as well as challenging? Well, you need not look further than the Inflatable Commando Challenge, see more of our best party inflatable ideas for 2016. You can definitely add something unique to your kid’s birthday party, brand activation or sporting event regardless of the age group. From a company get-together, a school fair, to any occasion, this inflatable amusement is a sure bet for fun and excitement.


The Inflatable Commando Challenge is indeed the best option to spice up these events. This article provides an overview of Inflatable Commando Challenge and how it can intensify your party.

In planning an event, you must expect that some of your guests are already bored of encountering the same old games and activities party after party. That is why you need to have something new to entertain them to a more fun and challenging activity. This is when the Inflatable Commando Challenge will blow them away! It is definitely the best bet to make your party unique and stand out in the minds of your guests. They will no doubt remember your party for the rest of their lives due to this one of a kind experience they encounter.

The commando challenge is a great fun and adventurous activity for guests of all ages. This is the good thing about this inflatable amusement. The challenge boasts of a massive 22-meter in length. This is one of the longest obstacle courses to date which consists of crawl barrels, climbing walls and slides, and squeeze tubes. It can accommodate at least 20-guests at once or approximately 250 guests per hour. This equipment requires a space of 22m x 5m x 6m in height. It is usually placed outdoors for this reason but we can easily use it indoors if you have the space.

This inflatable comes with staff to ensure the safety of your guests as well as help them achieve the maximum fun in it. It is ideal for any type of events such as team building, corporate events, and sporting presentations as well as private parties. This commando challenge has two lanes which enable your guests to do a race for fun or challenge their athletic skills.

The inflatable commando challenge is truly entertaining and challenging while being completely safe for any ages of guests. The safety factor is even enhanced by the entertainment provider through the provision of friendly staff for supervision purposes. Their staffs are highly trained to guarantee a safe and sound environment for you and your guests to enjoy the commando challenge. This is another good thing about choosing a professional entertainment company like Planet Entertainment for quality inflatable commando challenge.

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