Planning a kids’ party requires a lot of preparation. This owes to the fact that kids have lots of energy to spare for fun and games, which are necessary for their growth and development. In this regard, you may require to put in place various games and rides to ensure fun and enjoyment for the kids. Toys and rides may be sourced by either buying or hiring depending on the frequency of the event and the overall cost of acquisition. Inflatable giant slides for hire are an ideal choice for entertaining children or for family occasions.

Hiring vs. Buying an Inflatable Giant Slide

When planning for a family party, there are a variety of options available through which you can access various amusement rides. However, considering that this is a single event, buying such rides may result to wastage owing to the fact that they may not see any meaningful future use. For this reason, it’s better to hire amusement slides and rides. This will not only lower the cost of the overall preparation but will also give a chance to shop for the best provider. Where the event is to be repeated after a period of time, there may be changes in requirements leading to the need for a different amusement ride. This makes it easier to hire a different one. This will also give the company a chance to offer customisable slides that will fit your event perfectly.

Selecting the Right Size

Inflatable giant slides are available in varying sizes and designs for use during wet or dry seasons. In this regard, it is important to know the season in which you are planning your event to ensure you get the right one. The design, shape, and size of the slide should be put into consideration owing to the fact that all kids need to have easy access to the slide. Whereas the designs available are tailored to allow kids of all ages, some designs may prove to be difficult to access for kids who are either too small or those with certain difficulties or disabilities.

Space for the Event

You may be having a one-day event and hence the space available will require to be customized effectively. It is important to bear in mind that other than the inflatable slides, there will be other amusement rides on site. In this regard, you need to plan the available space adequately. This will allow for enough space for the kids and other persons within the site to move freely as well as accommodate all the installations adequately.


When hiring inflatable giant slides, safety is a paramount consideration. Normally, kids care more about play than safety. Therefore the responsibility falls upon you to ensure that they are adequately secured. For safety purposes, it is important to choose slides designed for easy access and use.

To further enhance security, there is need to ensure that the company hiring out the slide provides adequate information on how to handle the slide. This may include providing technicians or assistants to help with the setup as well as being on standby for any eventuality that may occur. In other instances, it may be essential to choose a provider that has in place security mechanisms and insurance to cater for eventualities during your party as a result of the amusement slide’s malfunction.

Get to Know the Number of Kids Attending your Party

Most kids prefer to play in group, and team up in numbers and run to their favourite point of play. It is for this reason that when choosing to hire inflatable giant slides, you must know how many children will be attending your party. This will allow you to choose the right size and type of amusement slide. This will not only avoid scrambling for space but will also be an ideal point to enhance the safety of the children.

Know the Packages Available

Amusement slides and rides providers usually offer various packages for events. Inquire about these packages to help you make an informed decision in choosing the right package for your party.

Choosing the Right Provider

There are many companies offering amusement slides for hire. These companies will have a variety of products on offer that are designed for various events. In this regard, there is a need to ensure that you choose the right company. This can be done by shopping around for the right company, which is best done online. This way, you will be able to keep track of the developments and new products that are appropriate for your occasion.

Hiring Process

Once you have identified the right amusement slide provider for your event, the next step is hiring them. The process includes providing adequate information about the kind of event you are preparing. This will help them determine the right installations to provide. Once the right ones have been selected and you agree on the terms, then your provider will have the slide set up on the agreed day.

Inflatable giant slides are available for various occasion. They also vary in size and design. For this reason getting the right one is paramount, as this will match with the kind of party you are holding as well as offering the perfect party for your guests. While requirements will vary, it is important to understand what is available and what best fits for your event.