Planning a party can be stressful and time consuming. Not only do you have to worry about the place of event and refreshments, but you have to keep your guests entertained as well. And that is one part where we can definitely help you. One of the ways you can keep your guests entertained is by getting amusement rides and games for hire. Doing so gives you the ability to interact with everyone, without having to worry about plans along with the fact that you will make guests of all ages happy. However hiring amusement rides requires a bit of planning and we will cover some of the tips and information regarding the same.

1. Only shortlist businesses that are accredited by local regulatory authorities

The last thing you want is having your guests injured at the party. So you ought to know about the business you are considering to hire. Usually there are local regulatory authorities who have strict guidelines on the operation and safety measures for amusement rides. Contact them and find out which amusement ride businesses are suitable for your needs. If a regulatory authority doesn’t exist nearby, you can always have a brief background check done to help you out.

Firms usually provide information about their previous clientele who have been satisfied with the service. Verify the experience with their previous clients. Not only will it help you make the right choice, but it will also boost your confidence about a firm. Always look out for safety measures rather than price when shortlisting. Hiring accredited and reputed firms with trained staff and operators might be a bit pricier, but it’s well worth it.

2. Always ask for insurance certificates

Apart from being a requirement by local governing bodies, amusement ride businesses who are insured will be able to cover the cost of any damages that may occur in an unfortunate event. It’s safe and smart as the insurance protects you from being liable for any damages due to the rides. Any reputable firm will show their current certificates on demand, and it’s recommended that you ask them about it.

3. Always ask for verified equipment and onsite staff

Usually the equipment used in carnival rides are verified by regulatory authorities for proper maintenance and safety. This verification can be found in the form of a certificate is issued once a year by the regulatory authority. Look for any rusty parts and always ask for a couple of trial runs after the ride is set up.

Apart from that ask the business to provide onsite staff to operate the rides if it is possible. Trained operators not only ensure that the ride is not misused, but also take control if they feel something isn’t right. They usually have a checklist for ensuring the rides are safe and well maintained and also make sure the guests are safe. In addition, trained personnel have a keen eye for any signs of distress on a rider and can adjust the ride or stop it altogether. This ensures that no one is hurt or sick during the ride. You can also ask them any questions about the rides and express any concerns you might have so they can take note of those points. Getting trained staff on site should give you the much needed assurance that the rides are safe and everyone can have fun.

4. Consider your guests’ age and health condition

Finally when you have zeroed in on an amusement rides provider, you might want to share the general age group of your attendees. The reason why this is important is that not all rides are fine for all age groups. When you have a very young age group you will have to be especially careful as they would get sick very easily if they ride in relatively faster rides made for adults. Similarly the older age group, especially young adults and teenagers won’t ride on smaller and slower rides as it will be boring for them. And then you will have to worry about entertaining guests who might have certain health issues like blood pressure, who can’t take part in rides which are fast. Always discuss these matters with the business you are hiring as they will know the best assortment of rides which can entertain your guests as well as keep them safe. Ask them for alternative options, if any, and discuss with them the best rides which you think will be suitable for the guests.

5. Use only one provider

Comparative shopping is good in most cases, but not here. This is mainly because the use of varying types of equipment can increase your stress as you will have to verify safety and reliability issues with more than one provider. It will also take a lot of time to plan and set up the rides. While you might save a few dollars, it will be time consuming and stressful. Since time is of the essence in planning a party it’s recommended to go for a single firm when getting amusement rides and games for hire. If you still want to compare, talk to a couple of firms you have shortlisted and ask them for their quotes for hiring all the required rides and personnel. Then you can compare the quotes and benefits provided and make an informed choice.

Whether it’s an old time merry-go-round or a thrilling Ferris wheel, carnival rides and games are usually a great choice for a variety of events including reunions, birthdays and corporate events. It entertains your guests as well as allows you to have fun at the same time. The lights and rides will also give you plenty of memorable moments to be captured and cherished later. So choose smartly and safely about theamusement rides and games for hire as a party is no joy if it is stressful.