Here at Planet Entertainment we sat down with the creator and Managing Director of all things FUN for a quick chat. With over 25 years of ensuring people have a good party and 2 kids of his own, here are some of Tony’s top party tips he’s used for his kids gatherings;

1 – Stay close to home

Have a party in your own home or garden. It makes it much easier to organise activities and you won’t have to haul food and supplies around. If your living space is simply too small to accommodate friends and family, consider reserving a space at a local park or hall for your next event. Making it clear that you’ll do all the setting up and cleaning up afterwards, some councils even provide this space for free and it’s much less expensive to drape some streamers around a picnic table than it is to use just about any venue you can rent.

2 – Share a party

Following from point 1, get together with one or two other friends whose kids birthdays are near yours and host a group party. This works especially well for children under the age of ten because they won’t care that the party isn’t just for them. You’ll save a lot of money by splitting the expenses between a few families too. Consider hiring a small ride or classic jumping castle, sing the birthday song for each of them and just have one big cake. If there is a large mutual group of friends this also frees up a lot of other weekends for other activities or holidays!

3 – Go for classic games

Young children just want to feel special and know that they will have fun with their friends. Classic backyard inflatable rides like Combo Jumping Castles, Slides and Sports Games never go out of style. Also very popular is you can create a retro carnival games atmosphere with Laughing Clowns and a Duckpond combined with fun prizes for the little ones. We recommend a mix of supplied entertainment with other free games and music to break up the party. Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail and Treasure hunts are always a big hit, too, but keep it simple and creative. Consider an activity evening with the kids and make your own custom Piñata

4 – Dress Up

We’ve noticed loads of inexpensive outfits now available in ‘Onesies’ which look great on the kids and adults can even join in if they want. And who said it has to be a one-off? These are washable and a fun way for kids to have a funky set of winter pyjamas for sleep-overs too. Many large shopping centres and online stores now stock these. We also hire a range of different popular character themed games such as Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Frozen or Scooby Doo which could match your party theme!

5 – Make Serving Food Easier

DIY or operated food machines are a relatively cheap and fun way to give the kids what they want…a bit of a party treat that also doesn’t affect any late comers!!  Whilst home cooked touches and fairy bread are nice, kids also expect a few treats at a party and we are always hiring out our DIY FUN FOOD machines like popcorn, fairyfloss, snowcone and hotdog carts. If it seems too stressful, why not just get our staff to supply all of the food and prepare and hand it out to all the kids as well?

6 – Consider a non-peak time

If you’re a working parent you may find it hard to find the time to organise a party at your house. That doesn’t mean you have to give up though even when on a financial or time limited budget. Search for local venues that will cater inexpensively. For example, some restaurants will cater for less if you hold your party outside of their busiest hours, such as during the afternoon. We are always busiest on weekends for large events such as school fetes and festivals so the best time for a smaller kids get together could be a few hours on a Thursday or Friday afternoon when more rides are available and prices can be reduced!

7 – Less Seating

Get people interacting and save space for the entertainment! Not just the kids. We’ve found that the best interactions can also be had by parents at a kids party. Have some jukebox music amongst rides or a bubble machine and get everyone socialising and taking photos etc, as well as everyone making new friends. Seats make people too comfortable and they are less inclined to leave their comfort zone and talk to new people.

8 – Creative Decorating

This is a fun activity I’ve done with the kids prior to their party. Spotlight has a range of different materials for fun coloured and patterned fabrics to cover tables, or we’ve constructed fun signs and decorations just using simple materials. Afterwards any leftovers or spares can be added to your craft or party basket so it’s a simple no-brainer!

9 – Worried about Rain?

This is something that we are always dealing with and have therefore adapted to make some solutions. We have recently invested in a range of smaller rides that can be hired to fit within a 2.2 – 3m height restriction such as the popular Rescue Squad or Animal Kingdom. This means the garage, a large living room or outdoor patio area can still provide space for all the fun should the clouds not be your friend on the day!

10 – Photo Sharing

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world now. Whether your invites were sent digitally or not to the other parents, why not set up a sharing platform so any of the parents can upload them from the special day. It’s another way the parents get put in touch, extends the play group and ensures you have access to the best photos of your kids from other peoples devices. If you want to maximise the fun why not hire one of our very popular Photobooths and print or email the photos at the party?

Organising a party should be FUN and not too stressful. Listen to your kids and then think of creative ways to involve them and make it a family activity to bring the event to life. We have been listening to and working alongside kids and know the best games, rides and equipment to hire to take your party to the next level! And of course should you ever need any help or assistance planning your next party or event, my team and I at Planet Entertainment have plenty of other tips to ensure the planning is as smooth as possible. Enjoy your upcoming events for 2016!

All the best,