Inflatable amusements are becoming undeniably popular nowadays. This is especially true in Australia. You see them wherever there are parties or events that call for fun and exciting activities. These inflatable amusements come in various forms and flamboyant colours. They are fun and highly interactive which range from various concepts and themes that include:

  • Inflatable sports game
  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Giant slides
  • Jumping castles and combos
  • Inflatable water games

Inflatable entertainments are seen almost everywhere. Inflatable does not only serve as toys, they are also used as utilities and even as lifesavers. They are called inflatables because they can be easily set up using air, hydrogen or gas. And when they are not in use they can be deflated and keep in a safe place. They are the much favoured form of party entertainments these days. This is especially true among children and even adults.

Costly to Own

Because inflatable amusements are not easy to produce, they cost a fortune to own. But why bother to own them when in the first place you can avail of party inflatables for hire. You don’t live in them and you don’t use them every day either. That’s why these inflatables are now offered for lease or rent and certainly at a much affordable cost. Most of these interactive inflatables are now offered by highly reputable companies such as Planet Entertainment. Highlighted below are some of our top inflatables for hire.

The Olympic Obstacle Course

This equipment is turning out to be the most popular and in demand item among many other inflatables. The course lets you go through a simulated obstacle course like they’re real. It has channels, hills and squeeze tubes that are all very challenging barriers. And when you finally slide out of the challenge, there is an automatic smile on your face like the winner you are. Although it’s not a very easy challenge, but it is safer as you are dealing with inflatable materials. If you are a parent, you won’t need to worry about wounds, bruises or fractures. Your children will only experience a hard-earned fun! Inflatable Olympic obstacle course is indeed a very versatile form of amusement. It’s not only good for children’s party and fun activities, but they are also great for team-building during corporate events, or even family gatherings.

This is applicable for ages 5 and up. It would need a space of around 100 sq. m. and a 240-volt power source. Can accommodate 15 people at once and can pass 400 people per hour. The facility comes with a user-friendly staff member to provide assistance.

The Giant Cliffhanger Slide

There are actually many different forms of slides for both children and adults. The cliffhanger slide is one of them. All of these slides involved the principle of sliding down to safety. The cliffhanger slide is one of the most daring inflatable slides. Participants prepare themselves by hanging themselves from 9 metres high before they let go off the cliff. This slide tests the guts out of every participant who will go back up again and again for the experience.

This equipment is suitable for ages 5 and up with a height restriction of minimum 1.3 metre. It would need a space of around 70 sq. m. and an outlet source of 240 Volts. It can accommodate 300 people per hour and comes with full operator support.

The Kiddiepillar

This exciting inflatable derives its name from a caterpillar and resembles one. However, it is designed with varying flamboyant colours. This is touted as a children’s most favourite inflatable amusement. This equipment includes such features as dangling obstacles, slippery slide and climb and a whole lot more. The captivating colours alone that make up the kiddie pilllar are sure winners. Add the artwork and you’ll have unforgettable memories for your kids. Parents are able to see their children via the see-through panels while the kids are exploring inside.

This is applicable for ages 3-10 years old. It would require a space of around 80 square metre and a 240-volt power source. This equipment can hold 10-15 children at once and can accommodate 100 people per hour. It comes with a very friendly staff member to provide assistance.

Water Walker Balls

These water walker balls will surely excite gamers. They are a sure hit no matter what season, whether it’s summer or not. This equipment comes complete with the pool and the staff to supervise and operate the equipment. Safety is also guaranteed with compliant pool fencing. The pool is very easy to setup and we can arrange a water carter to fill the pool. However, it comes with additional charge.

This type of inflatable amusement can be enjoyed by individual ages 5-40 years old. A height requirement of 1.6 metre is another thing. The participants’ weight must not also exceed 80kilos. The space required must be around 60 sq. m. and a 240-V power source. It can accommodate 90 people per hour.

Rock Climbing Wall

This 9.5 metre rock climbing wall simulates Mount Koscuisko. Climbers will be challenged to race-climb to the top. This is only available in Planet Entertainment and it is the only one in Australia. It includes an integrated security wall to ensure the safety of the climbers. The facility uses only professional rock-climbing ropes and accessories. With its three climbing faces, more climbers can be accommodated in a race to the top.

This equipment is very ideal for team building during corporate getaways and even family gatherings or reunions. Very suitable for people ages 5 and up. It would need a space of around 70 sq. m. and 240-V power source. A minimum of 3 participants can climb all at once. It can accommodate a total of 100 people per hour and comes with three knowledgeable staff members to ensure safety.