Booking conditions and important information you need to know

The client is required to provide power for any items booked with Planet Entertainment. If power is not available on site we can provide generators at an additional charge. When booking with us we will advise the amount of power points, amps and circuits required for each attraction. Do not place any other items on the same circuit. We highly recommend you have an electrician check you have sufficient power/amps and circuits on site to power the equipment you have hired. We are unable to offer a refund or compensation if the power is not adequate to operate the attractions.

We want to make your event with us a great success. Please ensure you read the booking confirmation we send you carefully. Check the dates, times, equipment and any special conditions are correct. You must sign and return all the documents we send you. This confirms we have the details of your booking correct. If you do not return all the signed documents you have no claim against us if the booking is not completed successfully. This is an essential term of our agreement.

The client is responsible for ensuring you have the correct authorizations to use the site you have booked for your event (includes food permits). Councils and Public Land authorities will require you to submit applications for the site. They may request, as the providers of services for your event that we provide copies of documents requested. You must make any document requests from us at least 7 days before your event. These are not able to be supplied on the day of your event. There may be a charge for providing this information if it is a lengthy, time consuming process. Document requests are not included in our hire fees and are subject to additional administrative charges.

We carry power leads that are 20m in length. The power you provide must be within 20m of the setup site. We are unable to join power leads together. Please measure the distance from the setup area and the power you will be providing to ensure it does not exceed 20m. If this distance is greater than 20m, generators will be required.

During setup your site is considered a worksite. For the safety of all persons, children under the age of 18yrs and non essential personnel should not be on the site till the published ride opening time to the general public. There will be trucks on site, heavy equipment movement and vehicles needing to access specific areas. Please ensure the site is free of all non essential people. Any essential persons on site should be wearing HI-VIS vests or clothing.

A 50% deposit will be required to hold your booking. All deposits are non-refundable.

All bookings must be paid in full at least 3 days prior to the booking date. Your booking is only confirmed once we have received your payment in full. For your convenience we accept company cheques, direct deposits and all major credit cards. A 2.2% credit card transaction fee will be applied to all payments made by credit card. We do not accept Diners Club cards. All payments are non-refundable.

There may be a loading on top of our published prices for Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day & Public Holidays.

Our prices are based on using metal pegs to secure all inflatables and some mechanical rides, onto grassed surfaces. If setup on grass is not available, or we cannot peg into the grassed surface, concrete weights will be required. There is an additional charge if we need to transport concrete weights to your site.

A tap must be located within 25m of the setup site, please ensure this tap has a handle. Planet Entertainment will not be held liable for any damage to the event site during operation and/or pack down that may be a direct result of water use.

Planet Entertainment can provide a Rain and Wind Refund Option to cover any items booked with us. This must be taken out at least 28 days before your event date. Please add 12.35% to your invoice total if you require rain/wind refund option. Your payments relating to the booking will be refunded in full if you select this option, less your rain / wind refund option payment. You will need to apply for rain and wind refund option with us, pay the fee and sign the document.

       In the event of bad weather, you need to call the office of Planet Entertainment if you wish to postpone your event. You need to contact us 24hrs before your event is due to start. If we arrive on-site and the decision is made to cancel/postpone due to poor weather, full payment will be required. If you postpone according to this clause you can transfer your payments to any booking with Planet Entertainment within a twelve-month period. If we are in transit to your site and you decide to cancel or postpone, full payment is required and no refunds or credits are available. If we are on-site at your event and we need to suspend the operation due to weather safety concerns full payment is required and no credit is available. We highly recommend booking an indoor venue for your event

We deliver, set up and remove equipment. Set up time approximately 10 – 30 minutes per game. Our staff will arrive approximately 40-60 minutes before your event. Our fee is based on us removing the equipment immediately after your booking has been completed.

All care will be taken not to damage the venue or setup area at the time of setup and packup by Planet Entertainment its staff, agents and contractors. In the event of damage to the venue and or setup area you agree that you will not pursue Planet Entertainment, its staff, agents or contractors for any damage costs to the venue or setup area. This includes any items that may cause damage before, during or after the event. It is the organisers responsibility to check the site after packup for any items left on site that may cause damage or injury. These items should be safely secured and Planet Entertainment is to be advised immediately.

The client is responsible for ensuring the items booked will fit in the space required. This includes the transport of the gear to the setup area. Client must ensure the gear will fit in lifts, through corridors and corners as well as in the setup area. We are unable to refund if the gear is not able to be transported to the setup site.

For bookings in office towers within Sydney CBD, North Sydney CBD, Chatswood CBD, Parramatta CBD, Melbourne CBD and Brisbane CBD, there will be an additional setup charge of $75.00 per staff member. The charge is levied as we need to allow more time than normal to complete the setup. Loading dock congestion, restricted lift access, security requirements and limited parking add time to the setup costs.

If an early set-up or a late removal is required then an additional fee will apply. There may be some occasions due to our operational constraints that we are unable to bump out immediately after your event, Bump out could occur up to 6 hours after the conclusion of your event, We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are unable to compensate you for this time.

Site inspections can be arranged by calling (02) 9888 7750, there may be a small charge. Please call the office for details

If you require our staff to undergo a site induction specific to your venue, you will incur a fee of $65/hr, per staff member paid for their time.

Our pricing is based on delivering equipment to venues that have flat level access. If the venue has stairs or difficult access there will be an additional set-up charge. P.O.A. You will need to advise if your venue does not have flat and level access.

In the event of the games needing to be deflated or stopped due to high winds (with respect to Australian Standard A3533.2 and inflatable specific specifications) for any period of time, full payment will be required.

We will supply enough ingredients to make the amount of serves you have booked. If you order 200 snow cones you will receive 200 cups, straws, flavours etc. We are unable to refund you if the serves you make on the day do not equal the amount of serves you booked. This can be caused by wastage, operator error, not monitoring the amount of ingredients going into each serve and poor ingredient handling.

For safekeeping logbooks for our attractions are kept at our office. If these are required on site, you must advise us at least 3 days prior to the booking.

Every effort will be made to have the equipment you have booked in available for the day of your event. In the unlikely circumstance of the equipment being deemed in-operable due to damage, maintenance requirements or other unforeseeable circumstances, Planet Entertainment reserves the right to provide an alternate piece of equipment to the equipment booked in order to successfully fulfil your booking

All bookings within the Sydney CBD, North Sydney CBD, Chatswood CBD, Parramatta CBD, Melbourne CBD, Brisbane CBD carry a $70 parking charge to each booking. This can be waived if loading dock parking is provided for the duration of setup, booking and pack down.

Most of our attractions come with fully trained and uniformed staff. All staff have completed the NSW Working With Children Checks.

Please note the colours of our games and attractions supplied to you may differ to the colours seen on our website and in our catalogues. This is due to us having multiple items of some attractions in different colours. Please contact us if you need to know the exact colour of the unit to be supplied for your booking.

Not all attractions are available in VIC & QLD. Please speak to one our consultants if you would like to confirm availability in one of these states.

The customer is responsible for providing the proper number of security and crowd control attendants to ensure the sufficient supervision of the event and venue and to provide a safe workplace for our staff, subcontractors and performers. The customer is responsible for the preservation of order and safe supervision of the venue for the entire time of the setup, pack down and operation. The customer shall undertake full responsibility to ensure safe and workable conditions for our staff, subcontractors and performers.

The customer shall indemnify Planet Entertainment Pty Ltd, its staff, contractors and performers from any loss, damage or injury, actual or consequential, of whatever kind during the subsistence of this agreement.

The customer may terminate this agreement by delivery of written notice to Planet Entertainment not later than twenty-one (21) days before the date of the booking. In event of such notice not being given, full payment will be required in respect of any cancelled arrangements. All payments are not refundable.

All prices subject to change without notice. Please call our office to confirm pricing.

It is agreed and declared that any person signing on or behalf of the customer warrants his authority to do so.

It is the client's responsibility to provide any truck mats or ground protection if we are unable to drive on the grass at your venue. You will need to supply your own labour to install, position and remove the mats. Due to OH&S, the maximum distance we will trolley our equipment is 10 metres from our truck. If we are pegging into the ground, it is the client's responsibility to mark out any underground infrastructure. We take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to the ground/grass or underground infrastructure due to our setup and operation activities.