Party Food Machines for Hire

The smell and sound of fresh popping kernels and the art of freshly spun cotton candy makes a huge difference at a party compared to a boring table stacked with food!

Add colour, excitement, and fun to any party with the wide range of fun-filled party food solutions Planet Entertainment has in store for you. We have brought life to many great events over the past three decades with the latest and well-maintained party food machines. A great fun food setup can easily build up a lot of excitement and satisfaction among your guests no matter how old they are. You can eat nostalgia when you recall the first time you had Fairy Floss and share that moment with your kids at a school fete or backyard party rental. It also avoids the hassle of preparing or paying for party food menus. Our fun food solutions are also highly interactive that makes serving and enjoying food a lot more fun!

Planet entertainment brings you an exciting selection of commercial grade quality fun food machines filled with variety to ensure that the young and old guests alike will enjoy your party to the fullest. Some of our fun food solutions include Fairy Floss machines, Hot Dog Steamers, Snow Cone Machines, and Popcorn Machines. Make the food stand out even more by adding one of our attractive retro-feel carts which add mobility and charm to your party theme. Functionality is another main focus of ours where all these machines are simple to use and run off standard wall power points. For tasty Hot Dogs we also stock gas operated Americana style push carts for those locations or stalls where you may not have access to power.

We offer custom party food packages to meet the unique requirements of any party. Simply get in touch with us to put together a great party food plan to cater to the needs and interests of your guests to take your party to the next level. Our friendly, professional and experienced team have been trained to ensure that everything goes smoothly at your event and they will make and distribute the food for your large crowds at corporate events and school festivals. If you’re on a budget or want a longer hire with the flexibility to serve your guests all day then Planet Entertainment also offers many DIY options if you don’t require the help of our staff.

Explore Our Exciting Range of Party Food Machines for Your Next Event