Jumping Castle

Welcome to the best selection of jumping castles for hire in Sydney! Our extensive range of inflatables ensures there's something for everyone, from toddlers to teens and adults. There's a reason these inflatables are so popular—they bring joy and excitement to any event with their simplicity and fun.

Classic Jumping Castles

For the traditionalists, we offer hand-painted classic models like the Cottage Castle and Dinosaur Castle, perfect for the little ones. These timeless designs provide endless bouncing fun and create cherished memories.

Inclusive Fun for Teens and Adults

Let's not exclude the older kids and adults when you hire an inflatable for your event. Our Knights Castle and Tiger Castle have been crowd-pleasers since 1989, featuring huge open internal spaces that guarantee plenty of bounce and airtime. These models can accommodate large numbers, making them ideal for events of any size.

Interactive and Themed Jumping Castles

A new wave of design has enhanced the classic jumping castle with interactive features. Check out our Obstacle Courses, Climb and Slide inflatables, and themed castles like:

Toy Story Jumping Castle
Disney Frozen Jumping Castle
Disney Cars Jumping Castle
Disney Princess Jumping Castle

These bouncy castles offer various themes and additional features like the Ball Pit Combo, perfect for testing the skills and coordination of developing kids.

Ultimate Crowd-Pleasers

For those looking to make a big impression, our XL combo castles are the ultimate crowd-pleasers. Experience the excitement of our Jurassic Adventure Castle and Safari Experience Castle. These giant inflatables offer immersive experiences where kids can tackle dinosaurs, climb volcanoes, and slide away from imaginary lava. If you have the space, these are the inflatables to rent!

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Browse our diverse collection of jumping castles for hire in Sydney and discover why we are the top choice for amusement rides and inflatables. Our wide range ensures there's something for every age and event type.

Contact us today to book the perfect jumping castle for your event. Make your party unforgettable with our exciting and engaging inflatables!

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