DIY Roulette Table


Space required3m x 3m
Game CapacityUp to 20 Players at once
Hire OptionsThe DIY Roulette Table and Wheel is available on a Do It Yourself Hire basis

DIY Roulette Table

Equipment Provided with Hire:

  • Roulette Table – Similar to a real casino. Near full size

  • Roulette Wheel -Thick quality plastic wheels.

  • Roulette ball – Our balls are made of Ivory coloured teflon

  • Roulette chips – When playing Roulette these chips are used as a representation of a dollar value. Use these to place bets on the roulette table.

  • Roulette Win Marker/Dolly – A marker placed to indicate the winning number on the last spin.

How to play roulette? Click here to find some information on how to play the fun filled Casino game of Roulette.

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