Bouncy Boxing Ring

Inflatable Bouncy Boxing Ring Hire Sydney

Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Rocky Balboa…boxing couldn’t be hard could it, why do these guys look so tired and beaten up? Well this inflatable boxing ring and oversized foam-filled gloves will have you worn out with laughter and NO bruises! Imagine hiring this game for a bucks party or a corporate event and letting your guests battle it out while everyone watches from the sides, cheering and laughing at the novelty. 2 people step in the ring, and 2 people will step out, only one has a much bigger smile on their face if victorious….. yet we guarantee the other will still be grinning and catching their breath too! The objective of the game is to see which bouncy boxer who can stay on his/her feet the longest. They will be declared the bouncy boxing winner. The bouncy boxing is a great competitive game and has been the focus of fun at many bucks parties, sporting presentation days and corporate team challenges.

Venue Requirements: We can set this game up anywhere and very quickly. Great for indoors or outdoors.

If battling your friends is the objective then we also have the popular Gladiator Duel, or for no contact try out the Dual Lane Bungee for a test of speed and  strength.


Ages 10 years to Adult
Space required 5.5m x 5.5m x 3.5m (L x W x H)
Power required 1 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) on its own circuit
Game Capacity 2 people at once. Approximately 40 people per hour
Hire Options The Bouncy Boxing will come with 1 staff to supervise and ensure safety and fun

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