Bumper Boats

Kids Bumper Boat Hire Sydney

Let the Bumper Boats put a splash into your next party, family day or hire them for any event where you need to make an impact. Watch as the kids bump around the pool in a completely safe and secure environment and have the fun of being little captains of their own vessel. For added safety the Bumper Boats come with a kiddie safe fence and operators trained in first aid. The water in the bumper boat pool is filled to no more than 50cm deep so it makes it ideal for children aged 3 – 7 years old. This unique attraction is the only one of its kind in NSW so get the kids to hop on board quickly as it a sell out attraction during the summer months!

Setup Requirements: We need a flat and level site to setup this attraction with access to water to fill it. we have 3 different pool sizes to suit most locations and the number of boats varies accordingly. The water from the pool will need to be drained after the event where it is set up by collapsing the inflatable walls and spilling onto the lawn or towards a nearby gutter. Water pump is an option for some venues at an additional cost. You can also hire just the Bumper Boats and use them in your own pool but need to verify a few requirements with us first!

The Paddle Boats are a great option to allow kids up to the age of 10 to have a turn, or something to satisfy larger crowds and even adults is the Hamster Wheels!


Ages 3 to 7 year old
Space required 5m x 7m OR 8m x 8m OR 12m x 10m (L x W)
Power required 1 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) on its own circuit
Game Capacity 12 kids at once. Approximately 150 kids per hour
Hire Options The Bumper Boats will come with staff to supervise to ensure safety and fun
States available NSW only

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