Deluxe Blackjack Table

Deluxe Blackjack Dealer Casino Hire Sydney.

Experience the Vegas Casino thrills at your next corporate Christmas party, bucks night or 21st birthday! Planet Entertainment has a team of professionally trained casino dealers that will deliver and setup our casino tables and then run a fun tournament for you and your guests! Our uniformed croupiers are great at accommodating players of all levels and in the comfort of your own venue can provide an entertaining gaming experience that won’t leave you broke!

Equipment Provided with Hire:

  • Blackjack Table – Official Casino grade, spill free felts on deluxe wooden tables.
  • Blackjack Cards – 6 decks of casino approved Queen Slipper Playing cards.
  • Blackjack Card shoe – High Quality casino approved card shoe.
  • Cut Card – A red card inserted into a new set of shuffled decks to indicate, when reached, that the cards need to be re-shuffled.
  • Blackjack Chips – Casino quality, 11.5g clay playing chips.
  • Discard Holder – Authorised discard shoe to collect the used playing cards and prepare for next shuffle.
  • Croupiers – Fully professional and trained Croupier’s in white shirt, black pants, vest and bow tie. The look you would find in any high roller casino.


Subject to your number of guests and how involved they get with their gaming, we would normally suggest 1 table per 20-25 guests. Roulette and Poker are other tables we have that work great alongside the Blackjack and offer variety for the true casino room!



Space required 3m x 3m
Capacity 7 player positions and 1 dealer position
Hire Options The Deluxe Blackjack Tables come with a fully trained and professional croupier

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