Deluxe Roulette Table

Equipment Provided with Hire:

  • Roulette Table – Official Casino grade, spill free felt on deluxe wooden tables.
  • Roulette Wheel – Full 30 Inch mahogany roulette wheel
  • Roulette ball – Our balls are made of Ivory teflon
  • Roulette Wheel checks/chips- when many people playing on the roulette table, each player is issued a unique coloured chip that identifies their bets. These can then be exchanged back for cash chips.
  • Croupiers – Fully Professional and Trained Croupier’s in White Shirt, Black pants, Vest and bow tie. The look you would find in any high roller casino.
  • Roulette Win Marker/Dolly – A marker placed to indicate the winning number on the last spin. .

How to play roulette? Click here to find some information on how to play the fun filled Casino game of Roulette.


Space required 3m x 3m
Capacity Up to 20 Players at once
Hire Options The Deluxe Roulette Table and Wheel comes with a fully trained and professional croupier

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