Giant Shark Dry Slide

Giant Shark Dry Slide Hire Sydney.

Can you escape JAWS? We’ve all seen the movie but this huge shark is very friendly and guests of all ages will enjoy the photo and video opportunities as they slide out of his big sharp jaws! The Giant Shark Slide is an impressive 9m tall inflatable dry slide which is great for events with a high volume of people. At capacity we can have 250-300 riders per hour which makes it very attractive option when you have a large number of people at your event or want to push ticket sales and keep queues to a minimum. The sliders must climb their way to the top of the scary sharks tail and slide through the belly all the way out the inflatable sharks mouth. Great also for a beach or water themed party, we also have the Big Wave Slide or have your guests enjoy a Snowcone while they wait.

Due to the size of this giant slide we usually require direct vehicle access, it is HUGE and we need to drop it into place, or can flatbed trolley it a short distance if required. You will want to allow approximately 10m x 6.5m for this slide, and make sure you have an overhead clearance of 9m. Next we will unroll the game and attach 3 powerful air blowers which require 1 normal powerpoint each. It takes a few minutes and the shark slide will be up and ready to go once we secure it to the ground using grass pegs or concrete weights. This dry slide will come complete with safety crash matting at the bottom as well as our trained and uniformed operator to ensure your guests are under the best care at all times!

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Ages 3 years to Adult
Space required 10m x 6.5m x 9m (L x W x H)
Power required 3 x 240V/10amp (normal power points) on 2 circuits
Game Capacity Up to 3 people at once. Approximately 300 people per hour
Hire Options The GiantShark Slide will come with 1 staff to supervise and ensure safety and fun
States available NSW & VIC only

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