Jungle Maze Obstacle Course

Jungle Maze Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire Sydney.

Welcome to the jungle! Looks easy right? Think again! The Jungle Maze is the perfect attraction to keep participants occupied for hours and test their memory, even Bear Grylls had trouble getting out of this one! This inflatable course is a lot quicker to install than growing and trimming a giant hedge or carving your way through a real jungle. It is perfect for fundraising, team building and school activities, we’ve also had many brands drop this into high pedestrian areas like Martin Place and shopping centres. If you’re looking to add a challenging, adventurous and exciting new concept to your next event, then you need the Jungle Maze! This huge inflatable maze will catch everyone’s eye with the tall jungle palm trees enclosing your guests in the labyrinth of tunnels, but don’t worry because our trained supervisors can help the smaller kids or anyone that gets lost.

Installation: Due to the size of this maze we usually need to drive the truck directly into place to drop it into place. Flatbed trolley may be possible over short distances but best to speak with our sales team if unsure!

Whilst this is our only maze we have many people add this to one of our Obstacle Courses for team building or Ninja Warrior style events. It also looks great amongst some of our animal themed rides like the Jurassic Adventure or Animal Kingdom Castle for toddlers.


Ages All Ages
Space required 15m x 15m x 3m (L x W x H)
Power required 2 x 240V/10amp (normal power points) on its own circuit
Game Capacity 20 people at once. Approximately 250 people per hour
Hire Options The Jungle Maze will come with staff to supervise and ensure safety and fun
Available NSW Only

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