Sizzler CHA-CHA

Sizzler CHA-CHA Amusement Ride Hire Sydney

The Sizzler is definitely a fast paced and colourful addition to any large event! With up to 3 people in each carriage this ride moves a large crowd quickly but also ensures to get the adrenaline pumping. Sit down, buckle up and hold on as the Sizzler gains its speed…try and spot your friends in their carriage…it’s difficult when moving this fast!! A large amusement ride like this is normally hired alongside other adrenaline pumped rides like the Stunt Jump, Rock Wall or Bungee Trampoline and people of all ages will be queuing up to take a spin in this fast paced ride! Up to 36 people at a time can experience this dizzying spectacle. With “non-offenive” top 40 music, flashing lights and a whole lot of smiles all round, no event is complete without a Sizzler to keep the energy high. The chairs are suitable for all ages and kids under 1.2m height just need to be accompanied by an adult.

The Sizzler ride, also known as a CHA-CHA is one of the large semi-trailer rides so we need at least 2.5m wide gates or entry to your venue. The large vehicle will require plenty of room to manoeuvre the trailer into the right location, which should be a relatively level 16m x 16m surface with no overhead obstacles like buildings or trees.


Ages 5+ (or accompanied by an adult)
Space Required 16m x 16m x 10m (L x W x H) on a flat & level site
Power Required 1 x 3 Phase/32amp power outlet or we can supply a generator.
Game Capacity 24-36 people at once. Approximately 300 people per hour
Hire Options The Sizzler comes fully staffed to ensure safe and fun operation.
States Available NSW only.

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