Soccer Billiards

Soccer Billiards Hire Sydney

Pool, snooker, billiards…we’ve all played these games countless times at parties or pubs, but now we invite you to test your skill at Soccer Billiards! A clever combination of football and pool, carefully line your kick up and try to sink the balls in the pockets. This game will entertain you for hours and is an ideal activity for Friday drinks at the office, team building, sports challenges or bucks and hens parties! Like a real game of billiards it can be played one on one, or as 2 player teams.

Ride Setup: We require a relatively flat surface to setup the game and if it is indoors on a hard surface we will also supply a green felt floor to give the look and feel of a real pool table. We will also require access to at least 1 x standard power point to power the blower that inflates the outer edges of the billiards inflatable.

Some of our other soccer-themed items for hire include the Soccer Darts, the Soccer Sport Cage, and the Foosball Table.


Ages All Ages
Space Required 7.8m x 4.8m (L x W )
Power Required 1 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) on its own circui
Hire Options Operated by our staff or DIY available
States Available NSW only

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