Two – Up

Equipment Provided:

Two Up – Ring
Two Up – Kip
2 Authentic Australian Penny’s
Boxer – The person who oversee’s the game
Ringy – The ringkeeper who looks after the coin tosses in the ring

Two up is played by players who surround a ring and take turns at being the ‘spinner’. The 2 up game is managed by a ‘boxer’. The boxer oversees the game while the betting is taken care of by the ‘ringy’ or ringkeeper. He looks after the coin tosses in the ring. The spinner offers a bet, which is matched. He then tosses two coins up into the air using a paddle known as a ‘kip’. If the coins are both heads (Heads) he wins, if they are both tails (Tails) he loses and if they are one of each (Odds) he throws again. The boxer takes a commission out of the kitty that the spinner wins. The other punters place side bets.

“Every year for the past 7 years Tony has run our Two-up on ANZAC day. Currently our numbers are 300 plus every time without fail. I would recommend his services to anyone.” – Graham


Space required 5m x 5m
Capacity Up to 50 at once. Approximately 12-20 rounds per hour
Hire Options The 2 up ring and Kip can be hired on a Do it Yourself basis or come with fully professional Boxer and Ringy

Other Items