Archery Darts

Inflatable Archery Dartboard Hire Sydney

The ultimate end of season novelty or promotional game is to test you aim shooting velcro arrows at a giant dartboard! Excite your team mates or colleagues with the medieval joys of archery, mixed with the modern game of Darts! This giant dartboard is sure to capture the eye and everyone will want a go! The ultra sticky backboard will leave no doubt as to who gets the bulls-eye, using our specially designed bows and arrows with a giant velcro tab! And for promotional purposes, why not get you branding put on a velcro panel and have contestants aim for special prizes? This game is super fun and our operator will also bring some velcro soccer balls for your contestants to try their aim with their feet too.

Quite simply we unroll the dartboard and attach the blower using 1 normal powerpoint and this giant dart board will inflate in no time! We need to set a safe exclusion zone around the sides and back so no soft velcro arrows can possibly fly near your guests and onlookers, so often backing onto a wall or natural barrier is an easy solution (and saves everyone chasing arrows). Our operator will set the distance marker and assist you load the arrow into the bow, then start competing as people take their 3 shots at bulls-eye! This game is sure to get people hooked as they try to outdo each other and score the most points. Guaranteed to draw a crowd of contestants and onlookers, or hire it as a great addition to bucks and hens parties or team building events as well.


Ages 7 years to Adult
Space Required 10m x 3m x 4m (L x W x H)
Power Required 1 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) on its own circuit
Hire Options Operated by our trained staff member
States Available NSW only

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