DIY Blackjack Table


Space required3m x 3m
Game Capacity6 player positions and 1 dealer position
Hire OptionsThe DIY Blackjack Tables is available on a Do It Yourself Hire basis

DIY Blackjack Table

DIY Blackjack Table Hire Sydney.

Easy and cost effective DIY Blackjack hire means you can set up a casino event for your next party and impress your guests!

Equipment Provided with Hire:

  • Blackjack Table – The tables are 3/4 size of the real thing and are of the highest quality. Good for locations where space is an issue or for that small party needing a bit of a difference.

  • Blackjack Card shoe – Top of the range card shoe includes 6 quality playing card decks.

  • Blackjack Cut Card – A small piece of brightly coloured card and used to indicate when the shoe needs to be reloaded.

  • Blackjack Chips – Casino quality, clay playing chips

  • Blackjack Discard Holder – No table should be without a proper discard shoe to collect the used playing cards tidily ready for the next shuffle and shoe loading.

How to play blackjack? Click here to find some information on how to play the strategic Casino game of blackjack.

We also offer DIY Roulette and Poker tables if you want to have multiple tables, or we offer these tables with delivery and casino trained dealers if you want us to take care of everything!

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