Meltdown Eliminator Game Hire Sydney

It’s finally here and it’s going off! The Wipeout and Ninja Warrior game-shows are definitely entertaining on TV, but EVERYONE needs to experience the fun of the Meltdown in person! Don’t be distracted by your opponent being eliminated from their podium while the padded arms spin around and move towards you. This game will challenge all of your skills as you judge the speed of the arms, then either duck or jump to avoid it while trying to regain your footing and balance on your inflatable podium. The padded arms will not hurt and are controlled safely for speed and direction by our trained operator, but it is guaranteed to make contestants and waiting spectators laugh and cheer!

To set this up we first need to wheel the motor into place so if possible it is best we avoid narrow doorways and stairs as it is quite bulky and heavy! Around this we will unroll and connect the large inflatable section which will take up 8m in diameter. We then connect the padded arms, as well as 2 power cords for the motor and inflatable soft landing and away we go! Due to the height of the batons we need to ensure riders are at least 1.2m tall or they won’t be able to jump high enough! As 8 contestants take their place our operator will start slowly and begin rotating the arms, and as confidence grows or the final players are left standing the speed will gently increase until there is 1 person standing as the winner!


Ages 8 years to Adult
Rider Requirements Minimum 1.2m height
Power Required 2 x 10A/240V normal powerpoints on their own circuits
Space Required 8m Diameter x 3.5m (H)
Game Capacity 8 players at once, approx 160 per hour
Hire Options The Meltdown will come with 1 staff member to supervise to ensure safety and fun
States Available NSW & VIC

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