Chocolate Wheel – Blue 1-100

Spinning Chocolate Wheel Hire Sydney.

This model comes with a heavy chrome base ideal for outdoors, and is numbered 1-100. Great for school Fete Raffles, corporate or shopping centre promotional giveaways, or lucky number draws. Collapsible into 2 parts for easy transport, this model makes an easy and creative way for you to get people involved in your marketing activations or fundraisers.

Available as 1 day or long term DIY hires, we can also have these customised or available for purchase from our manufacturer, so please call us on 9888 7750 to discuss these options or include notes in your online enquiry form.

If you need a model that also has the option of 1-50 then it is the White Chocolate Wheel. Some clients prefer a larger version with removable inserts which is the Money Wheel.


Space Required Height: 1.90m, Diameter: 80cm wheel
States Available NSW only

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