Duckpond Compact

Carnival Game Duck Pond Hire Sydney.

This compact version is the sibling to our large classic Duckpond. Sweep up a duck as it floats by and win a prize! Be careful with your selection, special ducks win different prizes according to the backdrop behind! Great fun for everyone and ideal for your next trade show stand or school fete as this game takes up little space and is setup in minutes. Hire this game with one of our friendly operators and we will supply you with 100 prizes, orit’s so easy you can DIY hire yourself!

Game Setup: This game can be transported and carried easily so it can be installed indoors or outdoors in minutes. All you need is a bit of water and your ducks are floating and ready to be plucked!

The Kids High Striker is another compact kids model of a classic carnival game, or we have a huge range if you want to build your very own sideshow alley!


Ages All ages
Space required 2m x 2m
Power required Optional – 1 x 240V/10A normal powerpoint
Hire Options Available either Fully Operated or on a DIY basis
States available NSW only

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