Ice Skating Rink

Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Hire Sydney.

Our Synthetic ICE SKATING rink is made in the UK and used by top skaters and corporations around the world where real ice may not be a possibility. Step into your boots and be prepared for the sensation of gliding on real ice! Kids can hold onto our skating penguins for stability and great photos until they get the hang of it! The rink is ideal for product launches with great branding opportunity around the whole barricade or put some branded clothing on our penguins. The Ice Rink is also being hired for school fairs, Winter Wonderland or Christmas in July, or just something really different for corporate events. In fact, anywhere you need to draw a crowd and offer your guests something special, then this is a special item to hire! Add to the experience with some of our other winter themed items like falling snow machines or giant Snow Globes. The rink is suitable for approx 10 children or adults at a time, and our operators will be setting up the next group of skaters while the others complete their skating session. The rink does not require cold weather as it is a special surface made of a slippery polymer surface with a waxed finish. BUT it still uses real metal blade skates and imitates the feeling of real ice skating!

Ice Rink Installation & Hire Options: We have had the privilege of setting this up for many clients and venues around NSW. Whilst truck access makes it quicker, we can trolley all the materials in manually for shopping centre or indoor venues as well. All we need is a completely flat hard surface like polished concrete works well. We can offer this attraction on a discounted multi-day hire DIY hire where we will install and demonstrate its safe operation to your team. Our usual hires can be a single day through to several weeks and includes our trained and uniformed operators as well as $20M Public Liability Insurance cover for you and your guests.


Ages All Ages
Space required Up to 100 square metres
Power required 1 x 240V/10amp (normal power point) for setup
Hire Options The Skating Rink will come with staff to supervise/boot fit and ensure safety and fun or DIY is possible upon request
States Available NSW & VIC Only

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