Sports Games for Hire

Since the beginning of time humans have been looking for ways to compete and challenge their abilities. It’s inflatable sport games like our Gladiator Duel or Bouncy Boxing that let you thump your opponent in a safe and fun way that results in both of you still smiling afterwards. The increasing popularity of sports games has arisen with companies and schools with a strong safety component requiring exciting new ways to test their colleagues and students.

Formulating part of recreational sport days or fundraising, games for hire like Horizontal Bungee are hilarious ways to get a crowd involved as well as everyone waits to see the bungee cord show who’s boss. As teams shoot Wacky Hoops it’s easy to determine who sink’s the most balls and so many of these items are easy enough that they can be rented on a DIY basis too.

With new equipment being added all the time it’s almost guaranteed we have something new for your annual events, and perhaps the Soccer themed inflatable sports games are showing their strength down under! If Soccer Darts isn’t your thing we’ve even got Archery Darts, we promise that we can satisfy all sports fans!
Make an enquiry with planet entertainment today and let’s get the stadium or your crowd roaring at your next event!

Unleash the Athlete in You with Our Extensive Collection of Sports Games for Hire