Elevate Your Event with our Storm Ride for Hire in Sydney!

Elevate Your Event with our Storm Ride for Hire in Sydney!

Are you ready to bring an electrifying experience to your next event in Sydney? Planet Entertainment presents the Storm Ride – a thrilling amusement ride that promises to be the highlight of any large gathering, festival, or party. With our base in Sydney, and service extending to NSW/ACT, we are your go-to for an adrenaline-pumping ride that will leave your guests talking for weeks!

The Storm Ride Experience

The Storm Ride is not just any amusement ride; it's a fast-paced, colourful journey that spins participants around at lightning speeds, catering to adrenaline seekers of all ages, from 5 years to adults. Accommodating up to 36 people at a time, the Storm Ride ensures that a large crowd is moved quickly, keeping the fun going without the long waits.

Specifications that make the Storm Ride a must-have for your event include:

  • Age Suitability: 5 years to adult, ensuring fun for the whole family.
  • Space Requirements: A 13m circumference (including fencing) ensures safety and excitement.
  • Power Needs: 1 x 3 phase 32 amp, to keep the fun spinning.
  • Access Requirements: Easy setup with the ride arriving on a trailer, requiring a flat and level setup location.
  • Supervision and Safety: Comes with our dedicated staff to oversee operations, guaranteeing both safety and fun.

Why Choose a Storm Ride?

The Storm Ride brings more than just thrills; it comes with “non-offensive” top 40 music, flashing lights, and a vibe that’s unmatched, making any event unforgettable. It’s perfect for:

  • Large events looking to entertain a vast number of guests.
  • Parties that aim to provide a unique and memorable experience.
  • Festivals that want to add an exhilarating attraction to their lineup.

Other Attractions

At Planet Entertainment, the Storm Ride is just the beginning. We offer a variety of other attractions to complement your event, including:

Book Your Storm Ride Today!

Located at Warehouse 3 / 29 Sunblest Crescent, Mount Druitt, NSW 2770, Sydney, Planet Entertainment is your destination for hiring the Storm Ride and other exciting amusement options. With a focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and an array of attractions, we're dedicated to making your event a success.

Contact us today at (02) 9888 7750 or sales@planetentertainment.com.au to finalise your quote and bring the Storm Ride to your next Sydney event. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest updates and special offers.

The Storm Amusement Ride Hire in Sydney from Planet Entertainment is the perfect addition to elevate your event. With its thrilling experience, safety measures, and the capacity to entertain a large crowd, it ensures your event is the talk of the town. Don’t wait, book the Storm Ride for your next Sydney event and watch as your guests revel in the excitement and adrenaline that only the Storm Ride can provide!