Safety in COVID

Dear Fun Seekers,

The safety and well-being of our staff and customers is the number one priority at Planet Entertainment.

We have strict COVID hygiene procedures in place for our staff and will work with our customers to ensure your event is as hygienic as possible.

We will work with you to find solutions to ensure your event can go ahead and be as safe as possible for our staff, you and your guests.


  1. All equipment is wiped down with a Hospital Grade Disinfectant which is safe for humans and animals before the start of the event and after the event.
  2. We have also introduced a NEW Alcohol Sanitisation Spray (kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses) This spray is used on the equipment after the disinfecting process.
  3. Sanitisation spray will be used at regular intervals at your event on Planet Entertainment equipment.
  4. All staff are temperature checked before starting work on each shift at Planet Entertainment.
  5. Our staff have sanitary guidelines to follow before and after contact with guests. Our staff always practice good hygiene with frequent hand washing and using the hand sanitisers we provide onsite.
  6. Masks are provided for our staff to use during setup and operation.
  7. Hand sanitisers are readily available for our guests at Planet Entertainment supervised events. Additional hand sanitisers can also be pre-ordered for non-supervised Planet Entertainment DIY bookings.
  8. Any staff feeling unwell are urged to stay home, get tested and self-isolate till the test results are provided to them. We ask that all our customers that are not feeling well postpone their event immediately.
  9. Avoid shaking hands and practice social distancing.
  10. We closely monitor updates and advice from the NSW Government Health Department and make adjustments to our operating procedures according.